Saturday, February 19, 2011

getting the shaft

I am irritated and just need to vent about a few things.
I just had to fork over $25 for two days worth of Lexapro. For some reason my prescription plan had decided that it wants prior authorization, and of course since today is saturday and my doctor's office is closed I had no choice but to buy a few to tide me over. The problem is, I take 30 mgs a day, and the script is for 10 mg tablets, which is 3 per day, but my drug plan has decided it wont pay for 3 pills per day. I could get 20 mg tablets and take 1 and 1/2 per day and they would cover that. But since the script is for 10 mg tablets I have to wait until they can get ahold of my doctor and ask him to change it to 20 mg tablets.
I dont know if I am making any sense. I am just really irritated at the moment.
But seriously, does this look like $25 worth of meds to you? Why is this stuff so expensive, anyway?

Ok, here is the the other thing I want to complain about. Since there were some killer after-Vday candy sales, I treated myself to this ginormous box of chocolates. I took this pic with Annie in it, for scale. I don't even think she knew I was taking her picture because she was mesmerised by the Wii.
So it looks like a big box, right? has a false bottom! How deceptive! It's like they hired some engineers to figure out how to put the least amount of chocolate in the biggest box.

And they weren't very good chocolates anyway. Oh well.

Ok, rant over.


Keely said...

ha ha ha. I like the pic using Annie as a size comparison. :) You know what I noticed? Yoplait yogurt has a false bottom too! Look underneath and there is a one inch space of air! Those cheaters of yogurt and chocolate...

I was at fred meyer (smith's market place) looking at the after v-day sales but all they had was those powdery sweethearts... oh well.

I Hate to Weight said...

lexapro now costs me $75 per month WITH insurance. what the heck do the put in this drug?

of course, this expensive, non-generic drug is the ONE that works for me. harrumph.

re: the candy. you were robbed!

Tia said...

wow she seems so into the wii! :)

Cammy said...

Our health/med system is so incredibly broken in so many ways.

And misrepresenting chocolate content? Unconscionable.

I hope your weekend gets better!

Nobody Girl said...

it's horrible how ridiculously expensive psych medications are! and then of course, its always the ones you desperately need that are the most expensive!

ps. thank you for your kind comment on my blog!