Thursday, September 22, 2011

hello all readers/followers!!!!!!!!!

Hey there! I feel like I have been really out of touch in the blog world lately. It's true I haven't been posting much this summer. I have been struggling with writer's block/depression/apathy/whatever. Plus I have been busy with moving and school and the kids and stuff.

Anyways, I have noticed that I have been getting some new followers. Also, there are people who have been following for awhile that I haven't really "met". So I was wondering, if you read my blog but haven't introduced yourself yet, would you comment and tell me a bit about yourself? If you have a blog, you could share how and why you started blogging. If you struggle with an ED or mental illness you could write about that. Or you could just keep it light and share a few random facts ie: favorite color, hobby, movie, ect.

Oh and if I know you (Erin, Keeley, Cammy, Angela, Kris, and all you guys) you of course are welcome to share. Maybe you will meet some new blogger friends!

I know I don't always respond to comments but check back after you comment because I will try to respond to each comment I get (in the form of another comment).


Cammy said...

Hi you! Glad to see an update from you, although it sounds like it's been a tough summer. Moving always tends to throw things for a loop, but I hope you are feeling settled in and home and straightened out a bit more soon...

You already know me pretty well, so I don't know what to share...I'm 24, a graduate student, started an ED recovery blog as an outlet for all the mental hurricanism that comes with the long process of kicking this disease to the curb. I can tie a knot in a cherry stem with my tongue, I once got stranded on the French subway as a child, and I'm a pretty tidy person EXCEPT I can't stand putting away laundry. Seriously, you're just going to wear that shirt again next week, what a waste of time... ;)

Also I think Lisa is AWESOME.

Hang in there, <3 you!

jodilynn said...

Hey Lisa! I Know you know me, But I figured I'd say hi to some of your other blogger friends! I'm Jodi from Journey to Recovery. Lisa and I met through blogging and facebook and having been through hell at the University of Iowa Eating Disorder Treatment Program. We actually live pretty close to each other and have met up a couple of times. Lisa is a pretty cool person, and awesome friend, and one of the best mommas you're gonna find anywhere! I'm so proud of how far she's come even in just the past few years :)

Tyler and Kathryn said...

Hi my name is Kathryn. I struggled with anorexia, bulimia, and overexercising for about 6 years. I went to Rosewood Ranch after 3 years and it took another 3 before I felt comfortable saying I was in recovery. The blog world helps me stay on track and offer support to others. I don't talk about ED on my family blog but you can always email me if you want to know my story. You are beautiful and I hope things start looking up for you!

Tanya said...

Hi my name is Tanya. I don't honestly remember if it was Cammy or someone else that I found your blog though. I stay pretty quiet on most of the blogs cause I have a lot of anxiety about saying the wrong thing. My blog seldom gets updates but that may change soon. I have an ed as well as chronic illnesses so I get pretty frustrated and my blog helps me deal with it and reading others struggles and accomplishments also help me realize that I am not alone. I am 30 yrs old and have been in and out of treatment both in texas, new orleans, and utah.

Midnitefyrfly said...

Hi My name is Shawna. I found your blog last year when I was looking for ED blogs for my niece who was staying with me and was suffering severely with self harm and bulimia.

I personally blog about my own struggles as a parent that is bipolar and has always had self medication issues. I am going through the toughest time of my life yet and so I don't comment as often as I should. Sometimes just writing is a huge accomplishment for me in a day.

I love how your blog is so candid and even though I don't have an ED, I can relate to your experiences as a parent.

neonorangeds said...

Hi Lisa,

I think I must be one of the SLOWEST people to respond... sorry about that!! It sounds like you've been super-busy too! I'm hoping that life has slowed down a bit and you've gotten a chance to settle into a routine by now :)

I completely suck when it comes to writing 'about me' type things, so I'm pretty sure that I've never had a proper 'about me' on any of my blogs... so I'd probably better write something here :)

I'm clueless what to write, but here goes: I'm 26 and still in school (I seem to keep going back for more degrees... this one will be the last!!). I came back to the blog world mostly because I missed the blogs I used to follow... most of which no longer exist, ironically. I'm also a semi-retired runner a.k.a. I still run but not competitively anymore and 'recovered' from anorexia. I think that you're such a strong person and I can relate to many of your ED-related struggles... not to mention you seem like an awesome person :)

Hope things are going well!!
xoxo ~Kris

lisalisa said...

as promised, a response to your comments. I know, I know, better late than never ;)!

Cammy, I did not know you could tie a knot in a cherry stem with your tongue! You must have a bit of a naughty side that I didn't know existed! Seriously though,I am amazed at how much you have been able to accomplish despite struggling with the ed. YOU are awesome!!

Jodi, don't forget we have both been "guests" at the fabulous ABBE Center :P. I really love how we can relate because we have been through so many similar experiences!

Kathryn, I am so glad you are in recovery! As we both know, it's hard but it's worth it! I think it's great that you have found support in the blog world, and if I am a part of that I am honored :)

Tanya, it sounds like you have had a hard road! I wish you hope and healing, and peace along the way.
P.S. I have TOTALLY said the wrong thing on someone's blog before! What I thought was just helpful advice really offended someone, and then this huge flame war broke out over it and everything. It was awful! But I stand by the advice I gave and would do it again.

Midnitefyrfly, Hey, I stayed with MY aunt for a bit during the worst of my ED!! At the time it wasnt the best experience, but now, looking back, I am greatful for how she tried so hard to help me. I think it's awesome that you are reading blogs to understand more of what your niece is going through.
I am not bipolar, but I struggle quite a bit with depression and ANXIETY! Holy cow!! I have self-medicated with Xanax (well it was prescribed but I was taking waaaay more than I was supposed to be taking) and now I cat have anything stronger than buspar (worthless) for my anxiety. I totally understand how sometimes it is a huge accomplishment to do even one thing you set out to do in a day.

Neonorangeds, Hey here! So how many degrees do you have, anyways? I am super impressed by anyone who can even get one degree while battling an ED, let alone several. You go!!
By the way, dont you have a bunny? Don't be offended if I am thinking about someone else. But if it is you, I enjoy reading posts about your bunny, as I am a bun lover and have my own furry little guy :)

lisalisa said...

neon orange, I was just looking at your blog, and i dont see anything about a bunny. Craaaaaaaaaap! I could have sworn you had one! I should know to check my facts and NEVER trust my brain. Case in point: today when I was out shopping, I discovered that the cellphone pocket on my purse was holding my TV remote. Seriously.

neonorangeds said...

Hi Lisa... soo glad I came back to this comment!! I once left one that didn't come out with the best wording on another blog and ever since have been trying to come back to comments :) I DO have a bunny though... yep, that's me. I actually need to post a video of her in the leaves this fall. I seem to remember your comment about having a bunny once too :)

I just moved from blogger to wordpress... hence the lack of bunny posts over at the new blog. Anyway, expect one real soon!!

Oh, and degree-wise, I have three that I will probably never use... so, I tend to think that it would have been smarter to have spent my time doing something more important (having a family, working, most anything other than studying :)