Saturday, April 5, 2014


Hey there! This is the first ever post from my phone and it is gonna be short. I am excited to say that I    overcame my fear of flying ( with the help of some Ativan) and I an in California visiting the awesome Erin of the blog " go go bananas"! I am super psyched to be here; mama needed a vacation really bad! We are goin to San fransisco today or tomorrow to visit the Golden Gate Bridge and ghirardelli square! Chocolate! And a bridge!
Oh, and since I have been here I have had to pee about every 20 minutes. It is seriously embarrassing.  Like, seriously considering some adult diapers.  It is probably just because I am in a strange place? And now of course I am worrying about whether or not I will have to pee....which makes me have to pee!!! Argh!


Erin said...

I approve of this update!

lisalisa said...


Erin said...

Thanks for visiting, shetface!