Friday, August 13, 2010

Hello Hello!

Wow, I'm touched by all your comments! Thank you all so much, it really means alot to know that so many of you care!

I don't have time for a long post but I wanted to quickly share my good news. First: my car is fine! The guys at the auto repair shop put it up on one of those lift thingys before the flood came, so it was high and dry! Yay! Fortunately the repair that it needed was not major so it can wait. I have my car back!
Also, the water went down and I got to get back in our apartment and was amazed by what I saw. Sometime in the night tues after we had evacuated but before the flood hit, our landlords came into our apartment and put everything they could up on counters and beds and tables. They took the books off the shelves and put them up. they saved our cd's, movies, electronics. They pulled drawers out of dressers and put them on our bed. NEARLY ALL OF THE GIRLS TOYS WERE SAFELY ON THE TOP BUNK! I think this is what hit me the hardest. On Wed night as the girls went to bed they were asking me about specific toys and if they were flooded, and I sadly told them that they most likely were, because I knew all that stuff was on the floor in the closet. But yesterday I saw every special thing they asked about: Emma's stuffed horse she got for Christmas, Annies hopscotch she got for her birthday, the school bags and supplies. I guess this meant the most to me because I can handle losing my things, but it was breaking my heart to to see the sad faces on my children. I am filled with overwhelming grattitude for Jim and Lisa, our landlords, for everything they did. I don't even know how to begin to thank them.
And I feel guilty, too, because this is stuff that we could have and should have done before we left. But I didn't do it because I was so stressed out when we left and just focused on essential, and Chris didn't do it because he didnt even think it would flood, and he was mad that I was waking up the kids and making us go to a hotel at 11 oclock at night in the rain (and yes, I have refrained from saying "I told you so"). But really, we should have been the ones putting everything up, but we didnt. But I am so glad that they did.
So we have lost our furniture and some other things, but we have alot more than I thought we did. Now I have the massive task of sorting through a truckload of things and washing things and storing them. This trailor full of our stuff that Chris and his friends got out of our apartment yesterday looks like something from the show "hoarders" and I feel a bit overwhelmed. But I know I will get through it bit by bit and I'm sure I will have help. We are staying with some really nice friends from Chris' church who have just been great and they said we can stay as long as we need to.
Wow this turned out to be a long post. I hope you could follow it. I really just wanted to thank you for the support and say that we are doing "Ok".

XO Lisa


Eating Alone said...

That's great news! Just think this would be a great time to prune back what you don't really need anymore.

I'm so glad you guys are alright and no one was hurt.

Angela E. Gambrel Lackey said...

I'm so glad you are okay and most of your girls' things were saved! I've been praying for you (and so have some of my FB friends.)

Your landlords sound awesome!

{{{Big hugs to everyone}}}


kris said...

Wow, you guys have wonderful neighbors! I am so happy to hear that a lot of your stuff got saved though! My family in IA went through the same sort of thing with losing things that cannot be replaced by insurance or anyone else because of the memories attached. It's great to hear that so many of the things that mattered to you the most (kids' toys and whatnot) got saved.

I agree that being hit my a flood helps you to realize what matters the most. Hopefully it won't be as daunting a task as it looks to go through the rest of the things you got out.


Zena said...

I am so happy to hear so relieved...I will message glad to hear this!!!
love love

kristin said...

I'm so glad to hear this! I was so worried after reading your last post.

I hope that this good luck continues. You are in my thoughts.

Caroline said...

i am really glad to hear that the damage isn't quite as bad as you feared. it sucks about your furniture, but you're right - the fact that your girls have their toys to comfort them through this stressful time will really help. i'm glad that your landlords took care of whatever they could. you're amazing for being able to have the perspective to count your blessings! take care and i hope it just keeps getting better from here.

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Maeve said...

This is marvellous news!!

I know that you still have a lot of work ahead of you to get new furniture and everything, but I am so so glad that it is all so much better than it could have been.

I think that what the landlords did for you is not only amazing but also a sign of how amazing you are. They wouldn't have done that if they didn't think you are a fantastic person so try and remember that :-)

Good luck getting everything back in order!

Anonymous said...

That sounds wonderful! I am so happy for you and the girls. Great news!