Wednesday, November 3, 2010

happy birthday to me!

Hola! Today is indeed the day of my birth. Well, it is the day commemorating my birth. Whatever.
My day started with a doctor's appointment, during which I cried while Dr. S. reassured me that I am NOT in congestive heart failure. He said that my symptoms are most likely due to what he politely referred to as "de-conditioning". Hahaha. Believe me, I have never been so happy to be told I was out of shape in my life! Acually, this was a pretty good start to my day, because now I can stop worrying that I am dying, at least until I come up with another symptom to google ;).

We really celebrated my birthday yesterday. When my mom could come to visit and Chris had most of the day off school. Chris and I went to vote together. He was in the voting booth next to me and I whispered loudly "hey, I'll give you five bucks if you vote republican" and he whispered back that I could get arrested. I have a really inappropriate sense of humor sometimes. Anyways' then we went to this cute little tea house and had tea and truffles. Then the girls came home from school and my mom came and we has dinner and opened presents. My mom took this picture of us.....

here is the sweet chocolate pecan pie Chris made for me. Didn't he do an awesome job?

These are my super comfy new footie pajamas I got for my birthday! I LOVE THEM! I might just wear them 24/7.

And here they are again. I think Baby likes them too. He was nibbling on them a bit. There to the left of me you can see the box for my most awesome and shiny new Kitchenaid that I got from my honey! It's red and gorgeous and will change my life I'm sure!

I got some other cool presents and Chris sent me flowers and the sun is shiining today so all in all it had been a pretty nice birthday. I think when Emma gets home from school I am going to take the girls hiking to this really cool sand/rock bar I discovered on the edge of town. I am also toying with the idea of making a pumpkin pie from scratch. Like, having the girls help me scrape out a pumpking and roasting it and pureeing the flesh and making a pie. I think that would be fun for them to see a pumpkin go from whole pumpkin to pumpkin pie. Maybe not. I could be totally out of touch with what kids think is fun. But I think it would be fun, and it's MY birthday!
Love you all!!!!!
P.S. sorry I have sucked at posting and commenting lately. I have been having a rough time. I have been reading blogs, I just can't always think what to say. Love you guys.


Tia said...

Happy birthday! I love the footie pj's. I want some :)

kristin said...

Happy Birthday! :)

battleinmind said...

Happy birthday!!
The pj's are awesome
ps. You are beautiful :)

I Hate to Weight said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LISALISA. those footie pajamas are amazing. i wouldn't take them off either.

you're family is lovely. what a great picture. thank you for posting.

i'm sorry you've been having a rough time. rough times happen and it stinks. and better times happen too. hang in there.

how are you doing with all the cakes? i'm pretty good with cake on my b'day, usually, but not always. hope this year is easy for you.

take great good care. MANY HAPPY RETURNS

lisalisa said...

thanks guys!

IHTW- I actually did really well with the pie. I am not restricting in any way right now which is great. We had steak and grilled shrimp last night for dinner and it was so nice just to eat what I wanted and not have to try to fit what I was eating into some diet and miss the good stuff! Birthdays are much more fun without the ED!
The pumpkin pie didnt happen. I tried to cut into it with several different knives and that thing is like a rock! Maybe if I had a chainsaw....

We have 2 ginormous bags of haloween candy (both of my girls got to trick or treat twice) but suprisingly I have not been eating that much of it. I remember last year I ate most of the was baaaad. I don't know why I am feeling less compulsive around the sweets and junk food this year. It used to be like if there was any junk food in the house I couldnt stop thinking about it until I got to eat it. So this is nice. Junkfood and I can peacefully coexist!

Cammy said...

Happy birthday Lisa!!! You are so amazing to your family,your husband, you definitely deserve a day to just celebrate YOU. =D

kris said...

Happy B-day!!! Looks like you had a fun time celebrating yesterday -- I hope you had fun today too :) Also, the Kitchenaid is awesome and you will LOVE it!!!

flaweddesign said...

you're so cute!! happy birthday!!!

Angela E. Gambrel Lackey said...

Happy (belated) Birthday! You look adorable and so does your whole family!

Thanks for the words on my blog; I really appreciate your concern. I hope you know I'm thinking and praying for you, too. :)

Take care!


Pen said...

It made me feel good to read your post. Glad you had a great B-day. My big "five-oh" Is next week. I miss the old days when my kids were younger. Everything seemed more fun. Holidays, b-days... Enjoy it while you can!

Eliza said...

I just read your comment on PTC's blog and it was super inspiring. That's awesome that you've managed to come out on top in the battle against ED.

Happy birthday by the way!