Sunday, May 15, 2011


 I cleaned the girl's room yesterday. Here are the before pictures....

 How could they even move around in there?

Much better!!!!!!!!!!!!
ok blogger is being a huge a*hole and I am done screwing with it for now. The above pics are fom visiting with my brother and seeing my new baby niece on Mother's day. Will be back with a meatier post later. @*#&$&%%*!


Sairs said...

I just wanted to say that I LOVE your hair. It looks really good. The photos of you and your family are nice too. The little bub is so cute.

Cammy said...

WOW, pretty dramatic befores and afters! Moms are magic! ;)

Hey you look really beautiful in these pics, especially the one with your new niece. Congrats to your brother for the new addition!!!

flaweddesign said...

wow what a job you had on your hands with the girl's room but it looks spectac now! super mom! happy belated mother's day! you rock. xoox

battleinmind said...

Oh wow that before picture is something special! Brings back memories of me and sisters old room.

You look STUNNING. So beautiful!

I Hate to Weight said...

such a gorgeous family you have. and such a beeeauttiful niece.

i am such a bad cleaner. i feel like i just smudge the dirt around and make everything worse. i do love to vacuum, though.

nice pics, all around.

kris said...

Your girls are sooo lucky :)

Also, I'm gonna have to agree with the comments above: you are BEAUTIFUL, and I love your hair!! Seriously, you look have that sort of classic movie star beauty... way more glamorous than movie stars today :)

Hope your mother's day was good!!