Saturday, June 11, 2011

oh no they didn't!

A good friend let me know the other day that our parks and recreation has posted a "very cute" photo of Annie and I at the pool on the aquatic center's FB page. I wasnt sure how I felt about this, and after finding the picture and looking at it, I am still not sure. I think it bothers me. I am just trying to figure out if it bothers me enough to ask them to take it down.

I am a recover(ed?)(ing?) anorexic and bulimic and I have never had a very good body image. That plus the fact that I have gained a crapton MORE weight this winter, and it's a wonder that I go out in public AT ALL in my bathing suit! If I didn't have kids, I wouldn't.

I have a miraclesuit. No crap, it's really called a miraclesuit! It has all this technology and stuff to suck your stomach in. As far as swimsuits go, it is pretty decent. But, even with the miraclesuit, I would be hard pressed to let someone take a picture of me in it. And if I did, I would have to be posed perfectly to avoid an unflattering shot that would make me want to go cut off my stomach with garden shears. But even under the best of conditions, I might still delete the picture. And if I kept it, I would only share it with a select few people.

Come on, think about the last time you posted a pic on your blog (if you do). Tell me you didn't obsess over it, at least a little bit?

Oh, and another thing, I would NEVER let a stranger take my photo in a swimsuit!

Which brings to mind, I remember seeing the photographer. Annie and I were coming around the bend in the lazy river and I saw her focusing her lense in our direction. I immediately put my hands over my face in what I assumed was the universal sign for "take my picture and I'll punch you in the kidney!" but maybe she didn't quite get the message.

What resulted was a very akward photo of me with my hand up near my ear. But..........

Annie is also in the picture and she looks adorable! Something in me feels guilty about deleting a picture of her. I cant quite put my finger on it. Maybe it's the proud mama in me who is thrilled that they posted a picture of my litte cutie! She SHOULD be on the site; she's a cute kid having fun at the pool on a hot day.

Its late and I'm tired and I dont even know what I am talking about anymore. Bottom line is, shes a cute kid and I'm glad her pic is up there but I hate that I'm in it and I want my whole body taken out or at least photoshopped and I think it's a huge invasion of my privacy and its making me feel really insecure especially because at least two people I know have seen it and probably more and I want to call on Monday to ask them to take it down but now that people know about it I am afraid that they will think I am a bad sport or a weirdo or a bad mom.

If nobody had said anything I wouldnt even have known it is out there.


Sairs said...

I totally agree with you. I think it's terrible to post a pic of someone anywhere without their permission first. They could have at least asked if they could take the pic first. The fact that you covered your face goes to show you were not comfortable with it. I hate seeing myself in swimsuits so I think you are justified in how you feel. I would be calling to get the photo taken down on monday and I don't think you're weird for asking to do that. Good luck with it all!

flaweddesign said...

agreed with Sarah that's an invasion of privacy and they should have asked your consent. i have fretted over pics i've posted o nmy blog but not the last one with my new tee. :) i don't know what to tell you one way or the other....

bananas said...

If it is making you uncomfortable (which obviously it is), then tell them to remove the picture.

Duh, winning. :)

Cammy said...

I can't believe that, they shouldn't post a picture of anyone without their permission, much less a child in a bathing suit, there are CREEPOS out there. I don't think you should/will be judged for protesting. Even if you liked the picture, just the fact that they didn't get your permission justifies asking them to take it down, I think, maybe it will make them think twice about doing that in the future.

Angela said...

I agree with Cammy, that they should have asked for permission. It obviously bothers you, as it would myself. I would ask them to take it down, if not for you than to protect your daughter. She is beautiful, and how many pictures of her do you already have to know how cute she is?
Take care, and don't feel bad if you do ask them to take it down. You will only obsess about it otherwise.

Kara said...

Hey! I know it's been a long time since I've been around - I dipped out of the blogging world for several months. But I decided to come back and reopen my blog. Just catching up on your blog now. I'm terrified of getting my photo taken even if I'm fully clothed so I definitely feel the agony and anxiety and obsession that you describe. And I absolutely agree that if you didn't sign anything in your pool contract that said they could take your picture and use it anywhere or anything, they definitely should have asked your permission. Not cool.

Nobody Girl said...

Well, it seems like they should have asked you first -- ED or not. I'm sure people would not judge you for asking the picture to be taken down. Most people probably won't even be looking at the thing twice.

I Hate to Weight said...

whatever you decide to do is just fine.

if you want to ask them to take it down, they don't even need to know why. it's your right.

i can't think of too many women, healthy or not, who'd be down with a public picture of them in a bathing suit.

don't feel bad about it!

kris said...

yikes! I don't know if I'd be very thrilled with my picture plastered to their fb page either!! The one good thing I can think of (besides it being a cute picture of Annie) is that if it's in a lazy river maybe you're half in a float or underwater or something. (Not that I'm imagining you to look at all bad, I just think if it were me I'd want to be at least half hidden in the picture.) I agree with the others though, if you're uncomfortable you should ask if they can remove it. You needn't give a reason -- for all they know, you might have a stalker or something.

Hope everything else is going well and that you're enjoying your summer with the girls and your family :)