Sunday, August 7, 2011

well howdy

Hey there! I moved last week and am having problems getting my internet set up. I finally found some Wi-Fi today and am making an attempt to get caught up with everyone. I don't have time to comment on everyone's blogs right now but I am wishing you all well.

SO here's the quick rundown on what is going on with me right now:

Back on the Lexapro and no health anxiety (suprise, suprise). My body image still sucks but I am just dealing with it.
As I mentioned, we moved, and thathas been very stressful. We are mostly unpacked but there are alot of things I cant find. Under normal circumstances I am not the most organized person. I tend to "file" important bills and papers all over the house and then forget where I have put them. Add the move, and I am hopelessly behind on some things. I am in NO way ready for the girls to go back to school this month. Well, paperwork wise. In other ways, I am VERY ready.
They are getting along better since the move. Having seperate rooms is helping, plus we have a big yard and they have made some freinds and ae spending alot of time running and playing outdoors. It's been so good for them!
Woops, it looks like my computer battery is about to die. I had better publish this quick and do a part 2 later.



kris said...

Hey Lisa, just wanted to leave a quick comment to say that I'm so happy for you. It sounds like things are going really well and that your summer has been good. I'm not at all ready for summer to end either!! I also hate packing/unpacking, so I hope that it won't get you too stressed out... or that it will be over soon :)

Hope you love your new home!!

bananas said...

I'm glad you went back on the Lexapro! That was clearly the best choice!

Hope you get your internets back soon. I miss our chat sessions!

Keely said...

Where did you move? Are you closer to school for Chris? Is the new place bigger?

I miss you! I am now on gmail. :) We will chat soon. :) I miss yooooou!

PTC said...

Good luck with your new place.