Sunday, January 17, 2016


Hey! Guess what? The day before yesterday (day of my last blog post) I didn't purge! The whole day! I'm feeling good about that:)

It's still really cold here; the high today is 0. It's awful. I've been in bed huddled under the electric blanket most of the day. I did get up and make pancakes this morning for Chris and Annie before they left for church. When I turned on the oven to keep the pancakes warm I heard this popping, hissing sound. I looked inside and the heating element was sparking like crazy! It's an electric oven and the heating element runs all around the bottom. I turned it off of course, but it still sparked and flamed. The spark travelled slowly around the whole element, kind of like how a sparkler burns down. It was crazy! I kept the fire extinguisher out, just in case. But once the spark went around the whole thing it fizzled and went out.
So that was my big excitement for the day. Now I'm just waiting for the landlord to come put a new element in the oven. Cuz I like to bake. A lot.

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