Monday, November 3, 2008

re foodstamps and crablegs

um, am a little bit embarassed about previous post re food stamps. I feel i must explain, lest anyone think i am a full-on welfare princess. we just get the food stamps and medical, but thats it. Mostly, we live on lovely student loans and my social security. See, my husband is in school full-time, studying to be an engineer. So, we figure that even though we need some assistance now, he will get a good job when he graduates and pay taxes for the rest of forever and that will more than pay for what we are using now. Plus, theres all the taxes he paid all those years he was making sweet moolah working as a jeweler. So, we dont feel guilty. not much. And i do try to be responsible with the food stamps. But come on- its not my fault they allow you to buy Diet Coke with them!
Oh, birthday update: Christopher and i did go to Red Lobster, and we had a lovely time. Except chris kept staring at me while i ate. It turns out he likes the way i dive into a pile of crablegs like a ravenous raccoon! He thinks its sexy. Riiiiggghht.

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