Monday, November 3, 2008

happy birthday to me!

I feel compelled to share this momentous occasion (me turning 30) with all of you (the two of you who actually read this)! So here goes...
I woke up this morning to find out that my children are still crazy. Me turning 30 hasn't caused THEM to mature any. Thats ok though. So, it was business as usual and i was having a pretty good birthday until i got ungifted by Victorias Secret. Let me explain. I had to return a bra which had been purchased in conjunction with another bra. The combined total price of the two bras had qualified me for a free gift, which i had gladly accepted. Now, since i was returning one of the bras, they wanted the gift back. Well, it makes sense to me on an intellectual level, but on an emotional level i was irritated. No, pissed! Nevermind that the gift in question was just a crappy messenger bag that i would probably never use and eventually donate to goodwill anyway! It's my birthday, damnit! I shoudnt be losing gifts!
Well, things got better when Chris came home for lunch with 2 dozen roses for me. What a sweetie! Oh, and my friend Amanda stopped by and gave me this really nice study Bible and a sweet card that almost made me cry. I opened my presents and got pretty much everything i asked for, which made me feel kind of guilty cause i really dont feel like i deserve half of it. I put on a big smile and didnt let it show, though. I am looking forward to tonight- Chris and i are going on a DATE! We are going to Red Lobster. Chris hates seafood, so the only time i get to go there is on my birthday. I am trying to calm the food fears for today and just relax and enjoy myself. I was reflecting earlier today on how many special occasions have been ruined or overshadowed by my eating disorder. I'm really trying to break that tradition. Well, thats all for now. i will write more later about the rest of my day.

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