Thursday, October 30, 2008

Emma does sandtray

today was an interesting mix. First off, annie filled her diaper with the most disgusting soup-poop i have EVER seen! I mean, it was coming out everywhere! I had to wrap the poor kid up in a towel, run her to the tub,, and clean her off there. Im telling you, it was epic.
Then it was off to the walmart, where i bought two cases of slimfast and five bags of halloween candy and paid for it with....FOOD STAMPS! Not my proudest moment, but better then the time i used my foodstamps to buy sugarfree Rockstar.
Next was parent-teacher conference witth Emmas first grade teacher. This was the highlight of my day. Emma is so smart, she is doing so well in everything and is even in ELP, which is some kind of advanced learning program. I am so proud of her!
Then a cloud settled over my day as i had to take Emma to her therapy appiontment. I am told that i need to give myself a break on this one, but cant help but feel like a loser parent every time i take her. Today there was a tiny bit of irony. As we left emmas appointment she was telling me what she did with her play therapist and i realized she was talking about sandtray. My kid did sandtray! This is something i did 3 years ago at the center for change. Poor Emma. We have way too much in common.
All that loveliness was soon forgotten, though, as we had to gear up for our church's trunk or treat, which turned out to be lots of fun. i took some pictures, but dont know how to post them on the blog. The weather is perfect for halloween merriment- the girls didnt have to wear coats over their costumes. They are both kitties-SO CUTE!
Well- that is all on today. I am quite tired- need sleep!
see ya! happy halloween!

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Keely said...

I read your blog. It wasen't triggering for me at all. I could just really relate to you- you sound lonely. I wish you were back in salt lake. I miss just coming over and taking walks to have tea or making that special popcorn and watching cops together. I enjoy reading your subtle humor. What did emma's sandtray say?