Sunday, October 26, 2008

sunday, part 2

wellll.... i must say that this sunday has gone MUCH better than the last few! for one thing, i tried to have a better attitude about church. i figured that if im going as a favor to my husband i shouldnt act so tortured and morose. when its painfully obvious to him that i am in misery it kind of ruins the experience for him, too. so, after a good night sleep, and the right amount of caffeine, i decided to make an effort. i smiled at people. i looked them in the eye. i tried to ignore all the negative talk in my head. and you should have seen me in nursery- i was a superstar! i played with the kids and read them books and sang the songs and guess what i found out? kids love me! the only thing i am worried about now is that ive set the bar too high. will the kids expect the same peppy, jokey, funloving lisa every week. cause im not sure i can keep it up. i guess i should not worry about that just yet. lets take it one sunday at a time!

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