Monday, October 27, 2008

3 ft beefstick

the other day i was thinking about my husband and feeling bad and guilty about how cranky i was toward him the night before. Sometimes i just get in a foul, icky mood and turn into this beast- woman. My poor husband comes home from work and i lash out- i dont mean to. On this particular night i was angry with Chris bacause he had scheduled an evening appointment with a financial planner. That meant i had to make dinner early while simultaneously giving the girls their baths, which was way stressful. When chris got home from work i made it clear to him through various passive-aggressive behaviors that i was NOT happy. then, the financial planner didnt even show up. He must have sensed that we have no money.
Anyway, the next day i felt this rush of guilt and sympathy for my husband. The poor guy works so hard, and hes a great dad to our girls, AND he has to deal with my craziness. I wanted to do something nice for him to show him that i care, like get him a romantic card or something. But i found something even better at the flying j- a beefstick that had to have been like 3 ft long! It had "Chris" written all over it! So i put the beefstick on the kitchen table and wrote this really nice apology/love note to go with it. At the end i wrote "please accept this 3 ft long beefstick as a token of my love and appreciation". Chris found it when he came home for lunch. Wwhen i got home he took me in his arms and gave me this really sweet and loving hug and said "thank you". All was forgiven!
Maybe i should go back to the flying j and stock up on beefsticks. Cause im bound to screw up again soon.

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