Tuesday, December 16, 2008

cold snowy day

well, this is not good. It is freezing cold and snowing outside and i am warm and cozy inside with everything i need, except the one thing i need the most...Diet soda! AAARGH! How will i make it through the day. Maybe chris will be a saint and go out there later and get me some. Cause i sure as hell am not going out in that frigid iowa winter! Not even for a diet dew. Well, on the positive side, my christmas shopping is almost done and wrapped so im not feeling the desperation that some people are feeling right now to go dashing through the snow, freezing their buns off in search of last minute gift cards. Wow. it is starting ti snow even more. I wonder if emmas school will get out early. I think i will go check the weather. so long for now. Stay warm! Escpecially those of yoou in minnesota! I am thinking of you!

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Kara said...

Hey, I'm new to your blog and I'm a pretty new blogger myself. I have a Diet Coke obsession too, so I understand how it sucks when you are out. I have a ED blog too.


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