Thursday, October 7, 2010

apple orchard

Well here it is 10:15 in the AM and I am just sitting around in my pajamas eating gumdrops. Not really an epic start to my day. I have been doing pretty ok this week with the health related anxiety, so that is good. But I have been kind of cranky all week. I am tapering off the Pristiq and have been having some gnarly withdrawl going on, but despite this I have actually been getting alot done lately. Monday I took my girls to an orchard to pick apples. I have been making dinner every night. Yesterday I took Annie to the library, took my girls to Reiman Gardens, made a huge batch of meatballs, and did 3 loads of laundry! I don't even recognise myself ;).

I finally got an appointment with the psychiatrist I wanted but it is not until Nov 19th! Grrr...
It's ok though, I still have Dr. Sean in the meantime.

Well thats about it. Here are some pictures from the orchard. Please kindly ignore the fact that I look like an old lady and focus on the cuteness of my girls......

It was like 75 degrees that day; very warm for oct in iowa.
My cuties.....

Most of the apples were too high to reach so we had to use an apple picker.

I couldn't figure out how to get this picture rotated. Anyways, that is an apple cider slushy she is drinking! I have never seen one before, and it was really good! It is 100% apple cider that they just put in a slushy maker.

Annie picking an apple she could reach!
It was a pretty fun time. I made a little apple sauce to go with dinner that night, but I left most of the apples for eating. They were just too good to turn into sauce!
Well that's about it. Have a nice day!!!!


Sairs said...

I'm happy to hear you have been getting more done, even if you feel like you've been sitting around. Everyday stuff can be really tiring, so you have done awesome. I like your photos too :-)

I Hate to Weight said...

i'm working now and totally resent having to get up earlier (much earlier) than noon. if i'm not on someone else's silly schedule, i'm still in BED at 10:15am, so you are well ahead of schedule.

i can't believe how much you do, when you're feeling withdrawal stuff. i was thinking it's a good thing other mothers don't see you -- they'd feel terribly guilty about how much you do with and for your daughters. they're lucky girls, who look very, very happy. amazing work you do.

speaking of looks, you look like a kid and much like your beautiful daughters, so that's settled!

Keely said...

YAY! So cute. I love the pics. No matter where you are, you always come up with the most unique, fun, and outdoorsy activities for the girls. :) you're so creative. Love it. :D

Nicole said...

You don't look like an old lady, I think you are very pretty :)

How awesome that you got to visit an apple orchard! Sounds like it was a lot of fun :)