Wednesday, October 13, 2010

just a short update

I am ok. This weekend I was dealing with family/marital issues which sucked. But we got through it.

I took Emma on a mother/daughter overnight camp on Friday and we had SO MUCH FUN! I will do a post on that, with pictures, hopefully soon.

I have been really struggling with the health anxiety lately. Monday night I was up late, convinced I had a brain tumor and/or some heart problem that I cant remember how to spell. I was crying and scared and at times I felt like I was really losing it. My poor husband stayed up late with me until I finally calmed down and could sleep. He is being more understanding about this lately. I think he realizes now that it really is "real" in my head and has been more sympathetic.

My body image is in the crapper right now. When I am depressed I lose my appetite, and when I am anxious I tend to overeat. So guess which one is going on right now? Fortunately I don't have a scale, but all my clothes are tight. Even my skin feels tight. And it doesn't help that it is the week before my period. Oh well. I'm sure I will fall into a depression soon and it will all even out. How's that for positive thinking?

Well I will leave you with this lovely photo. If you were driving down south 5th street or Duff avenue last Wed afternoon, you might have seen Annie and I squatting at the edge of this puddle behind the bowling alley, nets in hand, staring at the muddy water, and wondered what the hell we were doing. We were waiting for the frogs to pop back up. I discovered that there were a bunch of frogs living here earlier in the day when I was walking to the bank. And if I see a frog, I just cant leave it alone. It's a sickness or something. So we got our nets and went over there. After about 45 minuted we came home covered with mud, but successful. We got 2 frogs. We just played with them and showed them to our neighbors/landlord/anyone who was outside. That night I was just going to let them go in our back yard, but the girls got upset and worried that they would get eaten by a snake or something. So I drove the frogs (in my pajamas) back home to their puddle and let them go.

Anyways, I had alot of fun catching those frogs because I like to find animals and nature where you wouldn't expect it, like the parking lot behind the bowling alley.

Well thats about it. Have a nice day and thanks for reading!


ania said...

That frog story is funny. I am a die-hard spelunker. And I've brought spelunking from the dark recesses of caves and caverns to encompass nearly all types of nature exploration.

Keely said...

I remember we had tadpoles in my neighbors kiddie pool when I was growing up. The poor things were eaten by birds when they got old enough (the had morphed into baby frogs but still had the tadpole tail.) We just thought they had hopped away...

Sorry your mood has been lame. I hope you start to feel better soon. Would a trip to the doctor to reassure you that you don't have a tumor/cardiac issues make you feel better?

Eating Alone said...

You changed your pic! I love the hair! Don't let ED tell you that means that I didn't like your hair before, that's not what I'm saying. I am a guy and find it so cool that woman can just change their hair colors or styles. Mine has been the same since I was kid.

Glad you two had fun with frogs.

I Hate to Weight said...

i'm the opposite -- i eat when depressed and tend to eat less when stressed.

you are such a great mom, lisa.

sylobrien said...

I remember the frogs you had when we were in high school. We always had to make random stops at the pet store to buy crickets. Back in the day...

That was literally half a life time ago. When did we get to be so old :)