Tuesday, January 11, 2011

another reason to hate working out

I went to the gym yesterday for the first time since, oh, late last spring. I didn't want to do it, but I my chloresterol came back a bit high, so I figured it was time.

It took me like forever to get ready and to get myself there, and when I got there I discovered that I had forgotten my mp3 player! Lame. You even need headphones to watch the little tvs on the excercise thingys. Boo.

I toughed it out on the eliptical for about 20 minutes. I made sure to wear a surly frown so everyone who looked at me could see how miserable I was. I think the difference is that last year, I was trying to convince myself that I could learn to love the gym if I wanted to bad enough. Now I have embraced my hatred of formal excercise but I'm going to go anyway, and just let it all hang out.

Ok I know it sounds like I have a really bad attitude, but seriously, the whole time I was there I felt like I was being tortured. Even the dry air hurt my sinuses, and it smelled funny. Like sweat and that cleaner spray you are supposed to spray the equipment with when you are done using it. Like that even makes a difference. I'm sure that place is crawling.

So like I said I did the eliptical for a bit and then I thought "as long as I'm here I'll do some weights. So I did my old routine, which included some machines that work the chest area. I felt ok, I dont think I overdid it at all.

I woke up this morning pretty sore, which was weird because working out has never made me sore in the past. It has just gotten worse as the day has gone on. My chest is on fire. It is excrutiating. I had to go to bed durring dinner because it hurt too much to sit up, and I have been in bed ever since. It hurts to move. It hurts to breathe. It hurts to touch my chest. I am fairly certain I have costochondritis again. I had it last summer, remember? Anyways, it can be triggered by physical strain. Like the gym.

I am in so much freaking pain right now. I know that some ibuprofen would help but you are not supposed to take that stuff if you have bleeding (see previous post). I think I am going to go call First Nurse and see what they suggest.

Peace out.

And Word to Sairs in Brisbane! Stay dry!

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Lou Lou said...

hey lisa!!!!! long time no comment huh!!! man the gym is the bain of lives , i can't join anymore, the reason i wont do it is cos one time i cancelled my membership and moved to melbourne for a a year and little did i know they didn't cancel it properly and when i moved home a year later they had been ticking me up some real nice debt. owch. sending you so much llove and light and hope all your sore spots heal easily. aroha nui. xxx