Sunday, February 5, 2012

Update Part 1: psych meds

Hey there! Well I think that the day that I wrote that last blog post probably was the worst for the med withdrawals. I have been feeling better since then. In fact, for about the past two weeks I have been feeling just fine and dandy. The physical discontinuation symptoms are gone and emotionaly I dont feel much different than I did when I was on the meds. The only thing I have really noticed is that I have been getting frustrated a bit more easily. Like, if I am looking for something and I cant find it I skip "annoyed" and go straight to "hot burning rage", but I am aware of it and just breathe deeply and chill myself out and so its manageable.
I do feel I have more energy and I also have not felt as "foggy headed", if that makes any sense. I did see Dr. Steenblock and he said that he wishes me the best, but that he thinks that my depression and anxiety will come back and I will have to go back on the meds. He is leaving my file open for a few months so I can get an appointment quickly if I need one. I totally agree that if I do get really depressed or anxious enough to interfere with my functioning, I will take the meds again. I am NOT anti-psych med.

And here is something I must say: I do not, DO NOT recommend going off meds "cold turkey", like I did. It was stupid, stupid, stupid. It's always better to taper, WITH your doctor's supervision. I just feel I had to say that. This is my disclaimer, if you will. I would feel terrible if someone read this and thought "hey This Girl did it and she turned out fine so I think I will just go off my meds too!". But seriously, anyone reading this blog should know that:

#1. I am not qualified to give out any sort of medical advice


#2. I am not trying to be a role model

This blog is a personal journal and a way to connect with others who struggle with eating disorders/mental health/life. That's about it. Oh, except that I also use it to brag on my awesome kids from time to time.

up next:
Update Part 2: work situation

so stay tuned to read all about THAT hot mess........


Sairs said...

I'm glad you are feeling better now after coming off your meds, except the rage, hope that goes away soon. I think you are brave and I'm glad you don't feel any major difference you can't control.

TJ said...

Congrats on feeling better. I manage my depression and anxiety without meds by choice as well. I have bad days or weeks but I am aware and I know if I take a me day and give my kids to someone else for a few hrs I can relax and get me under control. Best of luck! We're rooting for you!

Erin said...

I think I should get off my meds too.

lisalisa said...

GOSHDANGITT ERIN!! Did you even read my disclaimer?