Tuesday, February 19, 2013


What is up with these stupid comments that I keep getting from like Asia and the Middle East and crap? The ones where they are trying to sell something? Anyone know how to NOT get those anymore?

In other news, I finally cleaned my side of the bedroom and made myself a little sanctuary there. I have candles and a water fountain, rocks and seashells, and one of those "zen gardens", you know, with the sand and the rake and stuff. I also planted a terrarium and it looks awesome! In case you haven't realized, I love nature and my relaxation spot has kind of a nature theme. I just love it!

The problem is, I go into my room and don't ever want to leave it. I want to stay in my little corner forever. Maybe I did too good of a job.

So Scott thinks that I might have something called Sensory Proccessing Disorder. I will write more about that later, but just let me say that I was reading about the symptoms/behaviors and it was like reading about myself. I am going to see Scott to talk about it more today. But here is something funny: Scott actually ASKED me to research it on the internet! If you have been reading my blog for awhile you will know why that is funny ;)

Peace out.


Erin said...

Are you deleting the comments? 'Cause I haven't seen any in your comments page. Where are they?

I can try to help you figure it out. But if they're getting past the captcha...I don't know...

Erin said...

Even I couldn't figure out the damn captcha when I tried to post and had to have them give me another! Good to know that the spam robots have better vision than I do.

lisalisa said...

look on the last post (med changes). I have 3 spam comments on there :(

Erin said...

That sucks. The only thing I learned by doing a little research is that spam technology has improved and can 'read' some captchas. I think Blogger makes them pretty hard. I can barely read the one below me!

Technology fail.

SimpleAndHappy said...

The zen gardens look like fun!