Monday, March 14, 2011


I havent posted in awhile beacause my life has been crazy busy. My girls were off school last week, I had two parent-teacher conferences, appointments for me and Emma, and my mom came to visit for a few days. Also I went to a mother/daughter sleepover at my church friday night and didnt sleep ALL NIGHT!
But the biggest thing going on has been getting ready for my sister's baby shower. I was collaberating with my sister's sister-in law on it. I have been kind of obsessing on making it perfect, running from store to store for weeks trying to find the perfect little things to make it special, worrying over the menu, ect.. Anyways, Saturday I had to prep most of the food and make the cake, on NO sleep. It was brutal. My wonderful husband Chris helped me so much. He matchsticked so many vegetables for the spring rolls that he actually got a blister!

Here is a bouquet of flowers I made using baby hats and baby washclothes. I learned how to do it on the internet.

Here is the shower cake. It is supposed to look like a onesie. It was my first time using fondant and I was really worried about it, but it turned out nice. The shower colors were pink, green, and black.

This shower was really important to me. I wasnt a very good sister in our early adult years. I was so sick, in and out of the hospital, consumed by my ED and barely functional. When she had my niece (who is now 11) someone else did the baby shower. When she got married I was the maid of honor, but basically all I did was show up. I didnt throw the shower or organise the bachelor party. In fact, I almost didn't make the wedding because I was committed to ED treatment at UIHC (but I escaped, so it was all good). I was supposed to be house and dog sitting for her durring her honeymoon, but was hospitalised with low potassium and had to call her in Hawaii and she and to find someone else. Sister FAIL!

We have grown apart, but I really want my sister to know that I want a better relationship with her and I care about her and stuff. I think she had a great time at the shower and we stayed at her house and got to hang out and talk and it went really well. So I am hopefull that I am on the road to redeeming myself. Time will tell.


kristin said...

Wow! That bouquet and cake look so pretty!

Keely said...

The bouquet and cake look AMAZING!!! You did a wonderful job and I know your sister appreciated it.

I can totally relate to you as far as the "bad sister" feelings. Kirsi and I's relationship was basically non existent when I had ED. I was her maid of honor but was at UNI so she bought my dress and all I did was show up. (I didn't give her a bachelorette party) and helped her friend Sarah decorate her car.

We were at liberty park the other day (eating girl scout cookies) talking and she said that she was relieved when I was admitted to UNI because she was worried. I never want to feel like I can't help/pull my weight/not be there when she needs me.

So I was trying to say I know what you mean. :) I know your sister noticed the care and time you put into making her baby shower special. You're a good sister. :)

Angela said...

It sounds like it was wonderful. The cake and flower bouquet were beautiful. You really went all out to make it special, and I'm sure that your sister appreciated it. I know that you feel guilty, but all you can do is live in the moment. That is how we can move forward.

bananas said...

You seriously have skills girl!!!!! I am impressed by the bouquet and the cake. I can barely make a sandwich.

It's great that you're mending the relationship with your sister. Is she younger or older & by how many years?

Can you believe my sister and I went through a period where we cut each other out completely? Yeah, for about a year about 10 years ago. It sucked.

kris said...

Your cake decorating skills are amazing!! I agree with the others here, that cakes is really pretty (and the bouquet too).

Hopefully your sister understands that it would have been tough for you to be present in her life when you were really struggling with the ED. I would think she'd know that. Besides, anyone with a sister thoughtful enough to plan such a nice shower would know they're lucky to have a great sister :)

bananas said...

Sister thoughts & advice (and this is just from my own personal experience) -- I found that after the year that we didn't speak, we really didn't talk about the past or what had happened to get where we were. It's kind of like we started fresh. We were one year older, one year wiser, and we had both changed. So we started on a new page and we really rarely look back. I don't think it would be helpful to rehash all that stuff from the past. It just brings up old bitter and guilty feelings.

It took the death of a mutual friend to bring us back together. That's when we realized that it was ridiculous that we were sisters and not speaking. And ever since, we've been good. :)