Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gangsta' Bunny!

 Gangsta Bunny, complete with gold chain, oversized hoodie, and baggy pants.

 And yes, lets not forget the gang sign. Represent!

 Gangsta Bunny gettin' payyed, yo!

 Hangin wit his peeps.

 Yo, dat aint mine!

 Yeah, right. Look at those eyes and tell me you aint been smokin' the easter grass.

"18 years, 18 years, she got you for 18 years......"


Courtney said...

That's hilarious!

Keely said...

I love it!!!! ha ha ha

bananas said...

SO appropriate for 4/20!!!!! hahahah

I Hate to Weight said...

so creative! you're so talented.

i remember asking you this a long time ago -- what it was like for you to work with goodies and cakes and gingerbread houses while dealing with an eating disorder. it seems like you're in a different place now. is it different?

hope you don't mind me asking. i'm just interested -- i tend to stay away from baking and too much cooking BUT i'm single and don't have kids. and i've never liked to cook or bake.

i give you A LOT of credit!

kris said...

haha :) I love it! I actually saw that same chocolate rabbit in the store, but never would have thought to put the peeps by him -- that is just too funny :) Seriously, thank for brightening my day!!

Sairs said...

Lovin your chocolate bunnies :)

LonelyCroc said...

Peeps, Easter grass, baby - 18 years...girl you crack me up! That is hilarious! Thank you for sharing the laughs.

battleinmind said...

HAHAH!! That's hilarious. I have to say the 'peeps' are my favorite! This made me giggle.

LonelyCroc said...

I actually had to show this to my brother, I thought it was so funny. The peeps and the easter grass are my favourites, but...what IS easter grass?