Friday, April 1, 2011

Award, yo! (edit: when I hit "publish", all my lists were condensed into one long paragraph and I cant figure out how to fix it. Any ideas?)

ok so I got an award from the lovely blogger who writes "Battle in Mind", see here for details because I couldn't figure out how to copy and paste the award to my page : hmmm, it turns out I cant post a link either. I'm so lame. Anyways, BIM is on my blogroll, check it out!!!! The award is called "Versatile Blogger Award", and you have to thank the person who gave it to you (THANK YOU!!!!!), list 7 things about yourself that people might not know, and pass the award on to 5 people. So here is my list:

1. I used to be a compulsive shoplifter.

2. When I was a kid I was obsessed with running away to live in the woods.

3. I really REALLY want to visit New York City in the fall. I have never been there.

4. I LOVE frogs, and I have a collection of frog statues and things that I have been accumulating since I was a kid.

5. My favorite book is Watership Down.

6. I am anti-milk (for reasons other than food allergies or ED). Comment if you want to hear my anti-milk rant.

7. My ED started with a book I read. Isn't that ridiculous? Maybe I should write a post about it.

I pass this award on to:

My homegirl Bananas!!!

Soft Spoken Girl !

Kris (blue flower Kris, who's blog I really need to put up there on my blogroll)!

Jules from Flawed Design!

Liz from The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday!

P.S. I tried to post a vlog the other day and it would not load..grrrrr! I have been in Waterloo the last few days at a WRAP training, when I feel up to it I will post about that because I think it is a great tool for recovery that everyone should know about!!


kris said...

Aww, thank-you (assuming I'm the only one with a blue flower!!)

Watership Down is also my favorite book... not too surprising since I've always loved rabbits. There is also a movie (nowhere near as good as the book of course, but I always thought it would be cute for kids).

Also, I'd totally be curious about the anti-milk rant... I drink a pretty minimal amount of milk. But I'm wondering if your rant has anything to do with the treatment of the cows because, interestingly enough, this topic has been coming up a lot lately in my life and in the blogs I read.

Hope your weekend is good :)

bananas said...

I will help you with your blogger problem. :)

battleinmind said...

Oh oh oh I want to read the milk rant :D I'm curious.

Also want to hear about this book!

So agree about New York, I'm desperate to visit!

ps. Thankyou for your thankyou.

I Hate to Weight said...

i, too, wonder what book sparked the blog.

i loved watership down. great book.

come to NYC and visit me!

bananas said...

I want to do the questions but... I can't think of 5 things that I want to share on my public blog! I can't think of 5 things period actually.

Nobody Girl said...

I can be a compulsive shoplifter as well. It's not as bad as it used to be, though. Seems like such a taboo thing to mention. So I'm glad to hear I am not a lone. Curious -- how did you stop?

Anonymous said...

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