Friday, April 29, 2011


I apologise for the lack of postage. I'm ok, jut been super busy. I hope you all had a great Easter! In case anyone is wondering, I did NOT actually buy the Gangsta Bunny. Who would actually get one of those for their children?

Have any of you seen the movie "Idiocracy"? When I see stuff like this Gangsta Bunny, it reminds me of that movie. Our society is truly going down the crapper.

I saw the movie "Black Swan last night, and I must say I did not like it. I found it to be gross and creepy and weird. I fast forwarded through all the sex stuff  because it was waaaay to graphic for me. *shivers*

My Emma ordered her caterpillars from a butterfly kit I got her for Christmas (it has finally been warm enough for them to be shipped). After a week of watching them crawl around they all climbed to the top of the jar and formed chrysallis's. They did it so fast, too! One minute we would look at them and they would be catterpillars, and then an hour later they were completely coccooned! It was pretty neat and we cant wait for them to hatch (should be a few weeks).

My daughter Emma's therapist is leaving the clinic. She signed a "no compete" contract so she could not tell us where she would be moving to, but she did say that she would not be to hard to find if I wanted to look for her (wink wink) and that she would still be taking title 19. So that narrows it down to about three agencies in the area where she could be working. I think I would rather have Emma continue seeing her as opposed to starting with someone new, and she said she would like to continue working with Emma. Emma's last appointment with her is next week, and then it will be time for me to pick up the phone and track her down.

Why do therapists move? Why do they have personal lives? Therapists should never move or get sick or go on vacation or take maternity leave. In short, a therapist should have no life and live at their office and return your call/email within 3 minutes and always have an opening the minute you need them.
Ok, ok, I am totally joking. I guess if that were the case, we would never have to "use our skills" or practice "crisis management" or ask our support people for help ect. For me, most of the work of recovery has taken place outside of the therapist's office. That is where the rubber meets the road, so to speak.

Oh well, thats about it for today.



battleinmind said...

Agree about Black Swan being too graphic haha, I cringed many a time in the cinema.
Sounds like you're making a good decision with keeping Emma with the same therapist, I guess stability is good :)
Great to read an update!

Sairs said...

I haven't seen black swan but now I am thinking that I probably wouldn't like it anyway. I hope you don't have too much trouble tracking down Emma's psychologist. It's a good idea too I think to keep her with the same one. I hope you had a good easter too.