Thursday, February 19, 2009

I Blame My Husband

Ok, so i was all set to tell my Corey (my therapist) the good news about what a kickass day i had yesterday, when i stopped home just before my appointment and found 2 messages on my machine from him telling me that he was sick and had to cancel today's session. I called him back to reschedule and i must say, he sounded awful- all stuffed up and sniffly and coughy. He sounded like he had exactly what my husband has, and my husband had an appointment with him yesterday. Coincidence? All i have to say is, if my mental health deteriorates over the weekend from lack of therapy, i'm holding my hubby directly responsible. Ok, ok im mostly joking:) . And, yes, Chris and i see the same therapist. And we see him for couples therapy, too. It has worked well so far.
Chris has not yet gone back to work. It seems that as soon as i told him that it would be ok with me if he did go back, he decided that he didnt want to. Financially, it doesnt make a difference, as it is an unpaid internship. Personally, i love having him around and would keep him locked up here with me forever if i could. I just worry that it is not healthy for him. It seems like he used to have more of a life and now everything is about me and my problems, and how im doing that day. Well, he does get out with his brothers and go to movies and hockey games and stuff occasionally. And now that he has been called as a ward missionary, he will be going out with the missionaries more i guess. I just worry that i ruin his life.

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Kara said...

I'm really glad that you had a good day yesterday. You have every right to be proud of yourself!!! Fighting off binges and trying to be functional when you really don't feel like it are big accomplishments.

That sucks when your T cancels though, especially last minute.

I would encourage you to not worry as much about your husband. If he decides to stay home with you it's because he wants too. You are not ruining his life. He loves you.