Wednesday, December 15, 2010

gingerbread house, and a few words about fudge

finally got to upload pictures of our gingerbread house. So, without further ado...

Yes, yes, I know. It's lovely.

Ok, so I made fudge for the first time this year. the other day I made white chocolate peppermint fudge, and today I made plain and rocky road. I finally get why fudge has such a bad rap. I looked at this recipie and was like "ok, there are 2 bags of chocolate chips, and a can of marshmallow fluff. So why does it need FOUR CUPS of sugar again?". Wow.

It's good stuff, though. And I really firmly believe that there is no "bad" food. I actually have not been eating too many of the sweets. All the dental work I have been getting done has made my mouth super sensitive.

Well thats about it


battleinmind said...

ohhhhh lush gingerbread house!!

Fudge is so yummy, I'm hungry just thinking about it!! I agree, the term 'bad foods' is silly. Everything's okay in moderation.

Zena said...

I cant believe you made that, was it from a kit, our kits never look like thst more like a mess of frosting and candy, very very impressed, as for fudge, I gave up making that a long time ago, to temprmental....sugar tempertures and all...I very impressed with your baking savy!!

love love

ps my verification word is 'faith' very telling I think

lisalisa said...

We found a pattern on the internet and printed it out. There are lots of gingerbread house templates on the internet, but you have to pay for some of them. this one was free and it really wasnt too hard. the secret is to re-trim the pieces after they are baked so they are true to the pattern, this helps them fit together better.

kris said...

wow... what a cute gingerbread house!! I bet your girls LOVED helping you make it!!


And you're right about no bad food... but I also wonder now why marshmallow fluff needs MORE sugar...

I Hate to Weight said...

WOW. i can barely handle a sandwich. your girls are very lucky, indeed.

bad foods. this has been on my mind lately. i know a woman who goes to OA and "abstains" from wheat and sugar. it so would not even begin to work for me. she's good with it (i don't know how), though, so who knows.

i don't believe in bad foods, but i am more likely to eat a lot of pizza than carrots!

Ruth said...

Wow, this gingerbread house is beautiful, and from scratch! I used to create gingerbread houses with my kids but mostly from kits. They often lost interest half way through and I would have to finish them. They take forever, don't they. My most successful ones with the kids were little cabins they each made out of graham crackers. Not as pretty, but they were so proud of them! I always kept the houses way to long after Christmas and then they're stale and no one wanted to eat them!