Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I seem to have alot to say today so this is going to be a long one

Well first of all I want to say "thank you" to everyone for all the wonderful and supportive comments I have recieved lately. I am so greatful to have gotten to know all of you, and I was also excited to hear from people who don't usually comment. It really meant alot to me. My negative thinking wanted to discount all your kind words and say "well, they dont really know you". But then I realized that you all know me better then anyone in my "real" life except my husband and maybe my therapist. This blog is where I go to bear my soul, the good and the bad. Thank you for treating me with such kindness.

Ok, now on to the ramdom and comletely unrelated things that are on my mind today.

I got my hair cut again yesterday...what do you think?

When I was at the salon I saw a sign posted that said that getting my hair cut there was a good choice for the environment, because they send the hair cliipings to this company that makes huge mats out of it that they put in the ocean to soak up oil spills. Whaaaa? Has anyone else heard of this? I am all for the environment and everything, but the idea of huge hair mats floating around out there really grosses me out. Ewww.

Something else gross...last night Baby (my rabbit) totally tried to hump my hand. I was laying on the couch and he was just hopping around and I dangled my hand down to pet him. He started going crazy and nudging my hand and then he grabbed it and went to town! Of course I jerked my hand away but I felt a little violated. I feel kind of bad for him...he must be really frustrated because my hand is a poor substitute for a lady bunny. I wish I had some extra cash, I would get him fixed just to put him out of his misery. I probably will do it one of these days.

The missionaries from my husband's church are coming over for dinner tonight. You know, the LDS missionaries? There's usually two of them, and they wear white shirts and ties and nametags, and sometimes they ride bikes? Yeah, those guys. They dont have a huge budget for food and they are miles away from their families, so people from the congregation are supposed to have them over for dinner, and Chris is kind of overdue. I am not super excited to have them over, but when I went my own way religiously I made a decision to support my husband as he practices his beliefs, as I hope he would support me. So we are having company tonight. It's ok, really. They are nice boys. We are grilling teryaki turkey burgers. I have this awesome recipie for them that involves pressing a ring of pineapple into each patty, and they sooo good!

These days I can handle a burger ok. It's the bun that is hard for me. I have some carb issues. I am going back and forth on whether I will have the bun. We'll see.

An aquaintence of mine has been posting some rather cryptic statuses on facebook that lead me to think that she is going into the UIHC ED program this week. You know, that treatment program I love so much that I refer to it as "evil hell"? Just being reminded of that plce evoked some pretty stong emotions in me. I wanted to tell her "run! run away! There are other programs! You don't have to do this!". But I don't know, maybe it is her only option, financially, logistically, whatever. And she knows what she is getting herself into; she has been to this program before. Who knows, she could have had a totally different experience there than I did. All I know is, I have spent hours of therapy recently trying to recover from the "treatment" I recieved in that place (incidently my therapist thinks I have c-ptsd from it). Maybe I will blog more about that onther time. I don't know, but I wish her luck.

Well I have to go make some watermelon salad for tonight. I will have to tell you about my watermelon salad before I go....all you do is cut the watermelon into cubes and sprinkle on some fresh lime juice and some mint leaves (fresh or dried). It is soooo good!

Ok, bye!


Cammy said...

I LOVE your hair and you are gorgeous. Seriously, I would kill to be as photogenic as you. Truth.

I hope it goes well with the dinner guests! I know sometimes it's unsettling getting ready for someone being in your space, even if you know they're fairly nice, especially when the event involves food. Remember that carbs are brain food, your brain wants energy fast and gobbles those up quickly. I'm sure these guys are really going to appreciate your generosity!

Rabbits are known for being horny monsters. :( I worked for a zoo one summer and my rubber boots were violated daily in the penguin bachelor's colony, if it makes you feel any better...

Take care and treat yourself kindly!

Liv said...

I love your hair, I used to have a pixie cut too and I loved it. My hair is long now but I know one day when im ready ill march into the salon and tell them to pixie it up. You made me laugh with the perverted bunny. Poor thing, he needs some bunny companionship or at least a mature adult bunny movie. Thanks so much for sharing! said...

Hey Lisa! Sorry I've been so behind on your blog in terms of commenting!

I love your hair. Your hair always looks so freaking good! You wear your hair very well :) And I really mean that.

I hope you enjoy your company tonight - bun or no bun!

brie said...

your hair looks so pretty. :)

haha now you're unfortunately really realizing where the term "fuck like bunnies" comes from, eh? they're horny little buggers! bahaha

Jennifer said...

Your hair looks awesome!!
I have had mine cut very short, except it is completely spikey and wont sit down!!
Also wanted to say, I adore how you are with your children, you are a beautiful mum, even when you are struggling, really!
Love and thoughts
jennifer xx

bananas said...

You are so cute.