Sunday, May 2, 2010

Zoo pics

Obviously, i made it through the other day's freak out unscathed and Saturday I actually felt a little better. Maybe the worst of the withdrawal is over (or maybe it was the 1.5 mgs of Xanax I found left over in my med box); the shakiness is gone and I feel I can cope. I even felt well enough for a trip to the zoo. Above is a picture of me and Annie looking at some jellyfish.
Here we are riding a camel. I am afraid that Emma will be super jealous. She was at her dad's house this weekend. But we have a family pass to the zoo, so we will go over and over, and she will have plenty of chances to ride the camel.

Here we are feeding a stinky llama.
Here's an emu that walked right past me and kind of freaked me out. Come on, it was waaay bigger than it looks in this picture!

And last but not least, here is a picture from today. I went mushroom hunting and was pretty unsuccessful, but I did find this sweet toad, which of course peed all over me.
Hope everyone had a good weekend :)


sarahlynn said...

That looks like SO much fun. I've never been to the zoo, but I've always wanted to. Every year I try to arrange it for my birthday, but it hasn't happened yet. [You get a free pass to our local zoo on your birthday.]
I grew up next to a llama farm - I'm surprised you find them smelly! Well, I think rabbits are worse. On our other side was a rabbit farm. I worked there summers. Talk about SMELLY! :-D

Sairs said...

hey hun, looks like you had fun. I am a bit behind in your blog but just wanted to say that I like your photos. Emus can be mighty scary, my mum got chased by one once here in australia and it was an enormous one. They make a funny drum like kind of noise sometimes and she was freaking out, but it was was funny! I hope you're feeling better from the xanax withdrawal (did you say you were weaning off) that sucks, I've done that before but I had to do it hosptial because they changed my anti-d at the same time. Be kind to yourself!
Sarah said...

I loved the photos! Thanks for sharing them.

靜宸 said...


battleinmind said...

Wow, family zoo pass, very jealous! Nothing better than a day at the zoo, glad you had fun!

Cammy said...

I think it is awesome that you're the kind of mom that will bend down and pick up a toad. =D

And emus are indeed very intimidating! When I was in high school our neighbor had one, it beat up on all their other farm animals.