Friday, May 21, 2010


Have you ever had to pee so bad that the effort to keep it in was making you feel like you were going to pass out?

I am trying to start walking regularly again, but the past two nights I have gotten barely two miles from my house before I have to pee. If Chris was with me I would just duck into the woods while he stands lookout, but by myself I am not going to chance it on such a well-run trail. Getting arrested for public urination would put a dent in my efforts to build my reputation as a sane person. So I end up just having to cut my walk short and the walk home is very uncomfortable. Maybe I should choose a different time to walk, but after dinner really is the best time for me, and it also helps diffuse the anxiety I feel after eating.

Oh, and I want to point out that the evening walks have NOTHING to do with what Dr. Goat said to me the other day. In fact, I had been planning to start excercising again before I saw him.
I was going to start Wed, but after my meeting with Dr. Goat I decided to postpone it until thurs, because I wanted to absolutely clear to myself that I was NOT taking the doctor's advice. I purposefully did NOT excercise on Wed just because Dr. Goat told me to.

Yes, I really am that mature.


Lou Lou said...

Hey lisa, I hate when i have to pee on a walk, i have been known to duck into the woods, but your right it wouldnt be the best thing in the world to be busted by the law for something as natural as that! kia kaha be strong, xxxx

bananas said...

Here is a silly story. I knew this guy that seemed to always have to piss when he was running. I think he had something wrong with him because he had some kind of pee urgency thing. He was known for peeing in public places. He once peed at a concert, while just STANDING there, and he splattered pee on the girl standing in front of him. How sick is that??! And then one time he had to take a crap while out on a run and for some reason he decided to take off his sock and poop INTO his sock. Then he left the sock there. WTF? I don't know!