Sunday, June 6, 2010

obsess much???

AArrrgh I have a serious problem.....................

So who has seen the new vh1 show "The OCD Project"? I watched it last week and ever since then I can't stop thinking about Dr. David Tolin, the doctor on the show. CAN'T FREAKIN STOP! I think about him when I wake up. I think about him when I put on my makeup. I think about him when I am making my girl's lunch. I was freaking thinking about him when while I was cleaning up Annie's puke this morning! (she had a brief stomache thing but she is fine now)

Dood, this is a problem for me. It's making me feel really guilty cause I'm, like, married, you know. But i'm not having adulterous thoughts about Dr. Tolin, or anything like that. It's more like I cant stop thinking about how carring and compassionate he is, and how good he is at what he does. Like, he is the ultimate therapist. I can't stop thinking about what it would be like if he was my therapist, and I would see him every day, and he would fix all of my problems and take care of me forever. The end.

So no, it doesn't have anything to do with sex (eww) or anything like that. Still, being married, I don't feel comfortable thinking about this guy so much. I mean, I know if Chris was thinking about another woman all the time I would be really hurt.

Plus, it kind of hurts. It hurts to think about someone all the time and know that they don't even know you exist and you will probably never even meet.


I'm not sure why I am obsessing about this particular tv therapist, and why now, but I have some theories. I may or may not bring this up with my therapist when I see her this week (but I will be so embarassed!). I really should nip this one in the bud though, before I find myself driving cross country in an adult diaper with a trunkful of ropes and chloroform.

One thought occurs to me, though. Dr. Tolin says that the treatment for OCD is "exposure". Sounds like he wants me to track him down and expose myself to him. That's what you heard, right?

Please please comment and let me know what you think or if you think I am a psycho or crazy or if you are also obsessed with someone famous so I won't feel so bad ok I'm done now.


sarahlynn said...

*hugs* I know that feeling! I can't think of anything off the top of my head, but I know that feeling... a hearthurt realizing that there are really great people out there, and you wish they were your therapist or friend or parent (me) and would be there for you like they seem to be for others. I really, really get it. I wish I knew what would make it feel better. It goes away with time, is all I know. Not comfortable in the meantime, because it makes you sad and happy at the same time.

You're not a freak. Or, well, we both are.


Keely said...

No, I don't think you're crazy. :) I don't think you're obsessed with him- but more with the idea of a compassionate, understanding person who is willing to help. And that you want the help he gives to the patients on tv (not HIM, as a person). It sounds like he's a little too high on your pedestal. :) No one can fix all your problems and take care of you (and I know you know that). But it is a really comforting thought of having someone around that you feel truly understands and knows how/has the resouces and knowledge to help.

So don't worry, you're sane and Chris has nothing to worry about. :)

strandfynd said...

I think its perfectly fine. As you said, its not like youre drooling over your neighbor or something, its just a celebrity who you (most likely) will never meet.
No need to feel bad about it.


Amber Rochelle said...

LOL at the exposure part...and the tag at the bottom! I actually watched that OCD show this week. I will shamefully admit that I've had the same celebrity therapist crush with Dr. Drew from Celebrity Rehab. Don't know why...but I do. It's not a crush crush's an I wish he was my therapist crush! I totally get it :)

Keely said...

he he he.

Tia said...

I know that feeling... \i've felt it with "mother figures" though. and feeling terrible that I had such a deep yearning for a mother through teachwers, counsellors, etc. feeling not-loyal to my own mom yet still feeling a void...

Tia @ Dietcolagirl

Eating Alone said...

I've got a very different idea of a good therapist. They need to be in a little box and never seen by anyone else. I'm not even going through my insurance because I don't want anyone to know I'm seeing a shrink.

That said I think you see someone doing such an amazing job. But remember that this is TV. They are condensening weeks or months of work into a short time frame. Put on your realistic glasses. And then look at how far you've come.