Friday, June 11, 2010

why I hate the pool

We got a family pass to the new aquatic center. It has waterslides, fountains, a zero-depth play area, and a lazy river. The girls are super psyched. Me, not so much. Here's why:

1. I have to wear a swimsuit. 'Nuff said.

2. At some point durring a trip to the pool, I will be either too cold or too hot. Not being the "right temperature" makes me anxious. I can't stand it.

3. I hate getting splashed! I can't stand the feeling of water hitting my skin. It makes me feel like I am being attacked and I get anxious. This is why I hate showers, but baths are ok.
There are usually alot of kids at the pool, and I end up getting splashed.

4. I get panicky in crowded places, and the pool is usually crowded. I can't stop looking at all the other people and worrying about if they are looking at me. Logically I know they aren't but I still worry about it.

Hmm, I guess that about covers it. Oh, also when I saw Dr. Sean yesterday he mentioned that he saw me at the pool, which makes me feel even more paranoid, especially since he saw me but I didn't see him.

But we did shell out for the pass, and the girls have a really great time there, so I guess I will have to suck it up.

When we were leaving the pool after our first time there, the girls were all excited and talking about their favorite parts and they asked me "mom, what was your favorite part?" and I said "the part where we left" and they just groaned. I am such a party pooper.


Tia said...

for me it's the coldness. Zach and i failed parent & tot 1 b/c i couldn't stop shivering and could barely move it was soooo cold. lol.
thr hottub is my fave part.

Tia @ Dietcolagirl

Sairs said...

This sounds like me. I hate the water too, unless it's my mum's pool but even then I have swimsuit on, then shorts and then a t'shirt. I so hate the beach too. I have this stupid fear of sharks even when there is no way there would be any around

lisalisa said...

tia- I remember freezing my @ss off in parent and tot lessons! And if you have to hold your little one you cant even move around much to stay warm- at least that was part of it for me.

Sairs- I took the girls to the "beach" yesterday. Here in iowa, it's at a lake with gross brown water. But they had alot of fun. I did ok too, especially since it wasn't as crowded as the pool so I didn't get splashed.

kris said...

I hope you won't mind if I read too?? I linked here from Tia, and I couldn't help but immediately think "YES I get soo COLD at the pool and paranoid about going to the pool too!" I guess since moving to the city, fortunately, I'm also literally scared of the people at pools here and the water quality (as in, I have to wonder if some of them are safe), so it's a great excuse not to go. Anyhow, even at a nice pool I would HATE it even more if I knew my doctor went to the same pool as well. I guess, though, it shows you're being brave, trying to get past the things you don't like and putting your girls first -- which is really quite inspirational. I need to do a better job of that (except I don't have any children).

Hopefully as the summer goes on, going to the pool will get better (maybe there's a time of day that's lees crowded?).

Keely said...

Hmm. I really like the pool. But never go because...I don't know how to swim! Lessons this summer, perhaps? I would have to agree with Tia. The hot tub is my favorite part. :)

lisalisa said...

Kris- I love new readers (and old ones too)! Welcome!

Keely- Get yourself some swimming lessons!!!!! Miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lisalisa said...
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sarah said...

I know just what you're feeling...but I do stuff like this for my girls too. I do love swimming but all the other stuff makes me crazy...being seen, being splashed....etc...