Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Party on

Thanks so much for the nice comments. I don't feel like such an obsessive weirdo anymore. Actually, I have not been thinking so much about Dr. Tolin the past few days because I have been thinking about Annie's birthday party non stop. First I obsessed over assembling the perfect goody bags for the kids who are coming, which included running back and forth from store to store comparing the merits of various party favors and candies. Oh, and there will be 9 kids at the party and party favors seem to only be sold in packs of 8. Nice.
Also I have been worrying about the weather because I rented a wading pool at a local park for the party. The party was supposed to be yesterday but it ended up raining so I had to move it to today, reschedule the rental, baloons, cake, and call everyone and see if they could come today instead.
Sooooo....the party is at 4:30 this afternoon and I have to pick up baloons and cake and all the food for the party and prepare soem of the food and I have therapy at 3. What the crap am I doing sitting around on the computer?????
We are grilling hamburgers aka "crabby patties", because it is a Spongebob party.

Ok ok I have to get moving. Wish me luck! I have more ED related things to talk about but they will have to wait for another post.

Have a great day!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Have fun at the party!!!! :D

jodilynn said...

hey! Hope the party goes/went well! It's a perfect day for it :) said...

Hope it all went smoothly!

Zena said...

How did it go??

Happy birthday Annie!!! :)

ps I hate that things come in packs of 8 we always have either 10kids or like 20 either way they screw ya....but to make your kids smile well its worth the extra bucks!!!

crabby patty away....