Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happy birthday to Emma!

Today I am have cleaned the house, done the laundry, baked a cake, blown up balloons, wrapped presents, shopped, and taken Annie to Playpals! Phew! I am so excited because today we are celebrating Emma's birthday! Her actual birthday is tommorrow, but we are celebrating it today since I have to take her to Waterloo to her dad's tomorrow. I can't believe my little girl is 8!
When she gets home from school we are going to Build-a-Bear in Des Moines to fulfill her birthday dreams (overpriced stuffed animal that dresses better than I do). Oh, and yesterday she got her other big present, a white's treefrog. Google them, they are adorable!

Then we are going to het favorite restaurant. the King buffet. Isn't that funny, my daughter would rather go to a chinese buffet than McDonalds!? I think she likes to serve herself and she likes the choices. And they have sushi, which she loves. I am trying not to freak over the prospect facing the buffet. i dont want to overeat, but I also don't want to pay 9.95 for some lettuce. I think I will just try to be picky and mindful and relaxed. Yeah.

Then we will come home and open presents and have cake. Emma only has a few presents, because the set-up for the frog got kind of expensive ($20 for a fake log?) and so is the Build-a-Bear. Monetarily, we did kind of go over the usual birthday limit. I hope she isn't dissappointed. There are a few things on her list that she is not getting. I figure her dad will get her whatever she wants anyway, so it's all good. I gave up trying to compete with him when she turned 1 and he bought her a Powerwheel.

Also, I am ina fairly good mood today and am on an even keel. I was worried because yesterday I woke up very anxious, had a horrible and unresolved therapy session, and barely made it through the rest of the day without a total meltdown. But I woke up feeling better and, despite all I had to do today, really paced myself. I even had books due at the library today and was going to take Annie there for storytime, but after playpals and shopping and with the upcoming trip to desmoines and out to eat, decided to just call and renew the books over the phone and just skip story time in favor of some down time. I think it was a really healthy choice. I usually try to do too much and then end up exhausted and overwhelmed. I'm learning to trouble shoot and plan ahead.

I really like playpals! Annie just plays with the other kids and toys in the gym, and I sit and chat with the moms. I have been really outgoing and I think its safe to say that if I see the same people there again I can call them my friends. Maybe eventually I will give out my number for playdates. I also learned about this thing called Giggles and Grins, where you drop your child off for an hour and they have kind of like a little preschool. It was fairly inexpensive so I signed Annie uup. That way I can have some me-time, and she can get some more socialization. I am pretty happy about it.

Well chris just got home and Emma should be here pretty soon. Have a great day everybody!


Lisa said...

Emma likes sushi? Awesome! Good luck at the buffet - I know you'll handle it well.

And her birthday presents sound awesome! said...

What a happy day! :)

Cammy said...

How did the birthday go? It sounds like you had a great day planned, she's lucky to have a mom like you. :)

And nice choice with the White's treefrog, I love those little guys! Do you know if you got a male or female? What did Emma name it? Ccage decoration prices can be insane. If you decide to collect wood from outside to put in the cage, just stick it in the oven for about ten minutes to kill any germs or other nasties, amphibians are prone to fungal infections.

Keely said...

Yay! You sound like you've been on the move. I know I've said it before, but I love the way you are always out and about, finding new things for the kids to enjoy (parks, playpals, grins and giggles, library story time and activities, crafts at home, etc) You are such a dedicated mom in so many ways. You are amazing. (hug)