Wednesday, September 2, 2009

pre-therapy post

ok, so I am really trying to psych myself up for therapy today. I am just sooo nervous, because today we are supposed to talk about something that is really hard for me to talk about. But my therapist thinks it's really important for us to talk about it so she can know how to help me get past all the feelings that are associated with it. I'm just worried about what she will think about me. That she wont like me any more, or something like that.
Ugh, I wish it was over.
I will try to update tonight.


Kara said...

I understand those thoughts of wondering what your T is going to think if you tell them something. My T has to reassure me constantly that she is judging me and sill likes me. Most therapists are pretty non judgmental.

I hope you have the courage to talk about the hard stuff and I hope it isn't a miserable experience.

Update us about the sesh when you can!

Kara said...

I meant that my T is NOT judging me. Oops. said...

Sending courageous vibes your way. You are strong. You can do this. It sounds like one of those things that's really hard in the short term but will reap good, positive, big pay offs.

By now the appointment is probably over. I hope you're doing okay. You're doing the right thing by going to therapy and talking about hard things.

I always support you.