Wednesday, May 13, 2009

mission accomplished

One word could describe how i felt yesterday after i met with the dietitian: underwehlmed. Who knows if that is a word or if i even spelled it right. Anyway, the D was nice enough, but she did not weigh me, or even give me a target weight, two things that i had very much psyched myself up for! Mostly, we talked about my history and behaviors and goals yada yada yada, and then treid to iron out a very non-threatening meal plan. What we came up with is pretty low calorie, but is meant to be a place to start from and we will build on it later. The main goal is to stop purging. My other goals are to take a multivitamin and to drink 3 glasses of water a day in addition to the water i drink with my miralax. This last one is aimed at decreasing my intake of diet soda. I'm not ready to start conciously cutting back on the soda, but i figured if i drank more water, i might drink less soda without even trying.

She asked me if i wanted to come back in one week or 2. I hate it when they do that! I dont want to decide! I want to come back in one week, but i dont want to seem too needy! I asked her what she thought but she just kind of shrugged and said it was up to me. Grrr! In the end i mad an appt fot next thur, which is like a week and 2 days.

I guess i would say the appt was a success, overall.
I finally figured out how to put pictures on my blog! I just put up some random ones of me and my family, so people would know who i was talking about. I will probably change them once in awhile. What do you think, are my girlies cute, or what?


Kara said...

I think the dietitian appointment was a success just because you showed up! Although it sounds like you made some great first steps with her too. I need to drink more water for sure - it's so hard, but so necessary.

And yes I've been admiring your pictures. You and your girls are soooooo cute!!

Lisa said...

Dietitians can be a great asset to your recovery.

And your girls are absolutely adorable!