Tuesday, May 19, 2009

my life right now

not much is new, so i will just update on the random happenings in my life right now.

First and most important, my mom is finally out of the hospital! Yay! But in a weird way i feel kind of deflated. Don't get me wrong, i dont wish her ill, but the positive feelings i got from going down there and taking care of her were, well, incredible. And i felt like we really connected in a way we never did before. Well, trust me to take someone's cancer and make it about me. Sheesh! (I really am glad she's out and doing better)

It's 80 degrees here today and i had to expose my pearly whites (i mean my legs) to the world in a pair of shorts that looked cute when i bought them but now seem to make me look even shorter and stockier then before, if that's possible. I hate shorts weather! On the upside i was able to take Annie to the park today, where i ran into a friend and had a REAL conversation with a LIVE person (who wasn't paid to talk to me). I should, like, plan that sort of thing regularly.

I'm washing the girls' bedding today. Have you ever tried to strip/make a bunkbed? I'm feeling quite accpomlished!

My computer broke for 10 hours on sunday and i freaked out. I was overcome with this feeling of being lost in a vooid, not sure what to do with myself, wondering if life woulld ever be worthwhile again. Then my neighbor who is an it specialist fixed it and i was SAVED! but the whole ordeal haas prompted me to re-eveluate how much of my time i spend online and how dependent i am on the internet for my social needs/support. While i think it is a great tool, i'm wondering if i shouldn't try to reach out a little more to friends and family around me here. just something for me to think about. But i do feel so close to everyone whose blogs i read- just being away for a day, i was wondering how everyone was doing aand if everyone was ok and stuff. You all are so important to me.

Well, that's about it in my exciting life. Peace out :)


Lisa said...

Heehee, "my pearly whites." Sometimes I'm afraid I'll blind people with my legs. I also don't like shaving.

It's good to read that your mom's out of the hospital. Hope her recovery progresses well.

Zena said...

(((( hugs))))

leaving my foot print

just to let you know I am thinking of you, glad your mom is doing better and its not strange at all to feel teh way you do I felt the same way when I was takeing care of my sick grandpa...