Friday, May 15, 2009


k, so yesterday i was visiting my mom at st. lukes and i had the suckiest experience! I was leaving the hospital to run some errands for her, and i saw this nurse in the hall who used to work at the UIHC ED program that i was in last year (you know, the really crappy one that i've been committed to like 5 times and always refer to as "evil hell"). I wasn't sure if she recognised me, but she was one of the more decent ones there, and i thought the polite thing would be to say hi, so i said "hey, didn't you used to work at university hospitals?".
She said "yes?".
I said "I was one of your patients last year on 1JPW".
Then she said "Ohhhhhhhh." Not just "oh", but "Ohhhhhhhhh", in the tone of voice that said "well, isn't that special!".
You know, the tone of voice you use when you are talking to a crazy person.
Then she just stood there and looked at me. It was very akward. I felt very stupid. So i just said "well, have a nice day" and left, as fast as i could.
When i got to the car i just kept replaying it over and over and i felt so stupid. I mean, what did i expect her to say? But she could have at least been nice, instead of treating me like some kind of a weirdo. But, maybe i am just another weirdo, to her. GRRRR. I should have just not said anything.
Eventually i let it go, but when i gat back to the hospital i did tell my mom about it. Being more objective, and a nurse besides, she pointed out that HIPPA guidlines might have prevented this person from admitting she knew me from her work in a psych facility. Which is probably true.

But she didn't need to use "that tone".


Zena said...

Im so sorry you had that experiance...if its any consolation...where I have been admitted like a million times there is a aide there who I used to work with like 13 yrs ago when i was kinda sane...and ofcourse she remembered me and my H ( wasnt my h then)...and ofcourse it sucks when they give you that tone..the tone of makes you feel about "this" big...but like your mom said it might have been hippa and all you never know I would just let it go if you can...Hows your mom doing??

Love, Z

lisalisa said...

my mom was doing better, but then she had some fluid in her chest and they had to put the chest tube back in while i was there yesterday and she was in pain all day from it, but she is doing better today and might even go home tomorrow- keeping my fingers crossed!