Saturday, May 30, 2009

grattitude and challenge(s) update

I just have to say that i am so full of joy and happiness and love, due mostly to the wonderful support and comments i got on my last post. The last 2 days i feel as though a weight has lifted, and i have been walking around with a spring in my step. i know that sounds corny, but it's true. It was an amazing feeling to have people i didn't even know (and people i did know) reach out to me and tell me they understood me and cared about me! So, thank you!

I know i mentioned last week that i would be doing "food challenges" once a week on thursdays and would be accountable on this blog. Well, i had to move this week's challenge to tonight because tonight we are going to chuckie cheese for my daughter annie's 3rd birthday and we will be having cake and pizza, which will be a huge challenge for me. There is no amount of cake and pizza that feels ok to me, any amount feels like a binge. And i definately do not want to be throwing up at my little girls birthday party; that thought is just too sad. SO, i thought this would be a good opportunity to practice eating some "fear foods" in moderation. That's why i didn't do a challenge on thursday; two challenges in one week is too much for even a badass such as myself :) . Especially when, really, eating in general every day is still a challenge.

Oh, and the best for last: I have not purged since last tuesday! :) :) :) !

4 comments: said...

I think that's a great way of thinking about the birthday party tonight. Instead of freaking out and worrying about it, frame it as an opportunity for progress. Eating a couple slices of pizza and a slice of cake will not make you instantly fat. Being able to eat it and then keep yourself busy - running around with the kids or talking to other adults - for an hour while the fullness goes away and then continuing on with your night without feeling like you binged (b/c you didn't) will be a chance for great progress! You can do this. You're in charge. You've got it! :)

Zena said...

what a way to celebrate the birth of your youngest her a healthy mother, now thats an amazing you have made it 5 days or 12 either way your still my hero...I am working on day four and going strong...and just so you know chuck e cheese pizza is liek the lowest cal pizza out there, i looked it up cause we go there quite a bit and I dont usually eat it but on the off chance I wanted to i like to know! You can do this lisa!!! Make sure you come back and let us know how it goes...I lll be praying for you!

Happy birthday darling!! ( it could be your birthday where ED was n ot invited)

Love, Z

Cammy said...

I hope that everything went well tonight! Truly, doing these challenges is gift not only to yourself but to your loved ones.

Keely said...

hurray! I am so proud and excited for you. (hug)