Saturday, May 2, 2009


today I made the ultimate sacrifice for my girlies- I hauled our stuff to the Y, donned my swimsuit(which seems to have shrunk since i bought it), tiptoed into the freezing pool water, and stuck it out for almost an hour! I hate swimming! I hate getting wet! I hate rude kids who splash me in the face! I stood there, one eye on the clock, wishing i could magically be transported somewhere warm and dry and not full of screaming kids.
I love watching the girls! I am so proud of them! Emma is such a good swimmer ( all the sweet old ladies lingering after water aerobics said so)! And even little Annie was trying to go it alone in her life vest, saying, "I did it! I swimmed!".
The warm glow of pride that i felt almost made me forget that my extremities were numb with cold.


Zena said...

You get 3 thumbs up I would never get in the water!!!

congrats girls!!!

Love, Z

Lisa said...

Hmm, this makes me wonder if my own mother wasn't quite as thrilled to take us to the pool as she seemed! You definitely win some mom brownie points for today.

Kara said...

Way to go to sacrifice for your kids! I HATE bathing suits so I feel ya on this one. You are such a great mom!!!

The word verification for this is "prouddow" - I am very "proud" of you!