Saturday, May 16, 2009

random pictures

I am still figuring out how to put pictures on my blog and still cant seem to get them on a post- can only put them up in the right margin. But i posted few more that I wanted to share.

The first is my new Facebook profile pic (since I haven't changed it since in like 6 months). Borring stuff.

The next picture is one of my mom, so you would know who i am talking about all the time. She is the one with the melanoma who is in the hospital. I went down to see her today and she is doing really great and will probably go home tommorrow. Isn't she beautiful?

This picture is a sign that Emma, my 7 year old, put on the door to her room. It says "if your a boy you have to pay $1 to come in my room but my dad doesn't have to pay. girls are free!". The arrow is a sign directing you to the other sign. The first thought i had about this, other then that it was really cute, was that she wasn't charging enough admission.

The last new picture is my emergency food storage. Since we livve in an apartment and don't have room we keep it in our bedroom. I am ridiculuosly excited about food storage and cant wait to have a basement i can fill with canned goods for the next ice age/nuclear war/swine flu pandemic.

So there's a litle slice of my life. Enjoy :)

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Kara said...

Great pictures!

As for your last post -- I agree with your mom about the HIPPA laws. I know that they can't say hi to you unless you say hi first. But she definitely could have used a better tone! Stupid psychiatric nurses...