Thursday, October 1, 2009


Boo I am super grumpy today! the weather really influences my mood and it has been gray and rainy all day and is supposed to continue on like this tomorrow.
Let's see, what is new...

I decided to change therapists. I am going to start seeing Kim, my daughter's therapist. I think she gets me more then my current T. And she said that seeing me will allow her to better help Emma. As far as that goes, Emma has been doing great with her anxiety and all that stuff. Maybe it was just a difficult adjustment period but she is feeling better now about the move. But I will still have her go to therapy, so she can learn some more skills that will help her deal with stress and anxiety. Goodness knows she won't learn those from me ;)!

i got a leash and harness and pet carrier for my bunny and we took him to the park the other day (when it was sunny). It was so cute! Also I have put him on the leash and taken him out in the backyard. I will have to post some pics sometime; it's priceless!

I have the big doctors appt with Dr Sean tomorrow. I'm proud of myself for fighting the urge to drop massive amounts of weight before the appt and impress him with my thinness. I was able to realize that that is just a bunch of ED nonsense and he will take me seriously even if I am at a healthy weight. I really need to talk to him about my meds cause I don't think they are working that great. I mean, for the amount of meds I am on, I should be feeling super! Why is it that I can barely make it though the day?

Well chris just got home and he promised me that I could take a nice hot bath while he and the girls eat. I'm not skipping dinner to lose weight, I just ate a really big lunch that is kind of hanging out like a brick in my stomach and feel like a bath would be more theraputic for me at this point. And then maybe a nice hot cup of herbal tea or a sugarfree swiss mocha. Hmmm.


nutsandpaintedsmiles said...

ED does lie...but I'm glad you know to fight it! Go you!

Hope you felt better after that bath:)

Eating Alone said...

Good luck with the new T!

And good job for recognizing that you can be ill at any weight! I was worried that I was going to get kicked out of T after my weight stabalized. Didn't happen.