Friday, October 30, 2009

gearing up

Today is Emma's haloween class party, and as room parent, I am in charge. I have everything ready. The festivities will include:

pumpkin bowling
pin the stem on the pumpkin
a pumpkin-related craft

Are you guessing a theme here? It's not actually a haloween party, due to district policy. Its a Fall party. So I picked some different pumpkin-related activities.
I about freaked out last night when I found out that Chris had gotten rid of the empty 2 liter bottles that I had been saving for the pumpkin bowling! But he was a prince and wnt out and bought some cheap sodas that I can empty and use. So that crisis was averted!
Honestly, I am glad just to have made it to this point. Earlier in the week I was afraid I would have to be hospitalised due to severe depression/suicidal thoughts/anxiety/medication problems. But I knew that Emma was counting on me for today! What would that be like if your mom was room parent, in charge of the party, and didn't follow through!? Not only would there be no party (or something lame thrown together at the last minute), but she would probably be really embarrassed and let down. I couldn't do that to her. In a way, i think being responsible for this party saved me this week. It has given me a goal, something to focus on.

so everybody wish me luck with the crazy second graders! I know it will go well but am still nervous because I have never done anything like this. I mean, I have helped out with class parties, but have never been in charge.
I will comment on how it went after.


Eating Alone said...

you go! It will be so much fun!

And yes having goals will help. Having to focus on something outside of ourselves and our problems makes us calm sometimes.

Good luck with the party.

lisalisa said...

the party was awesome!!! The only hitch was that the mom that was supposed to bring drinks didn't show, but I don't think the kids even noticed that there weren't any drinks. I think everyone had a lot of fun :) :) :)

Tasty Health Food said...

Aw, that sounds like it was going to be and was great! I get really annoyed when people don't follow through with things though. >.> That mother would not be on good terms with me...

And I hope that these thoughts pass for you! Think of your little girls and how they depend on you.

I Hate to Weight said...

yay!!!!! you're amazing.

it's interesting,because we are so hard on ourselves. we think of ourselves as that mom who was supposed to bring drinks and didn't show. but that wasn't you at all. you are the hero!

i am so jealous, by the way. i want to play pin the tail on the pumpkin, and there's nothing i love more than bowling. please invite your 40 year-old blogger friends next year.

Keely said...

YAY!!!!! :) I'm so glad the party went well. You did great! (hug)