Friday, October 2, 2009

My lovely doctor visit

Well, today has not been my favorite day.

It is sooo cold and rainy and I have had to run a million errands and have been freezing all day!
I have had a MONSTER headache for much of the day, and the Healthy Choice frozen dinner that I had for lunch is threatening to come back up.

The doctors appointment was, well, sucktastic. I am actually wishing I had lost the weight, even though I know that would be a bad thing. But as Dr Sean was listening to my list of GI complaints I had the feeling that he really wasn't taking them too seriously. Here it is: I have a general feeling of nausea pretty much all the time which gets really bad after I eat. Food just hangs out in my stomach forever and I get really urpy and bloaty (yum I know). I cant take a dump to save my life except when I take the Miralax, but then things swing to the opposite end of the spectrum and I am in the bathroom all day. Also, When I take Miralax my pristiq (antideppressant) passes through undigested. For reals! It's pretty dramatic.

Well, the good doctor said that my motility is impaired from my eating disorder and it would probably take several months with no purging and regular eating for it to get back to normal. The bowel situation is due to past laxative abuse and will probably be a problem that I will have
for a long time. I may have to be on the Miralax long-term.

So the doctors orders today are: Increase the Buspar (for anxiety)
Decrease the Trazodone (because the Seroquel and the
Risperdal knock me out just fine, thank you)
Get back on the Miralax, half doses
Prilosec OTC
Prilosec OTC. As in OVER THE COUNTER! Bwahahah! I wanted medical tests! I wanted REAL meds! I feel like crap all the time and I want to feel better and I'm skeptical that anything from the antacid counter at Hy-Vee is going to help me!!!

Yes, I do find it incredibly ironic that I'm always complaining about how many meds I'm on, and now I'm complaining that the doctor isn't putting me on more meds. REAL ones, anyway.

I guess there is no pleasing me.

So I bought myself some Tums and Gas-x when I got the Prilosec. Just as a consolation.

So- here is a puzzle for you:

I cant take the tums or gasx until a few hours after I have taken the prilosec. I have to take the Pristiq in the morning. I have to take the buspar three times a day, but not with my evening meds. I have to take the miralax BY ITSELF!

I think I will take the pristiq and prilosec and a dose of Buspar first thing in the morning. That way by noon, when the tummy trouble usually starts, I can have the tums and gasx.
More buspar at noon.
Miralax around 3 pm.
buspar at 6.
Seroquel, Trazodone, and risperidone half hour before bedtime.

Looks like I have a new hobby.


Keely said...

Oh man! Well, I can tell you that I've taken Prilosec and it healed my stomach/esophageal ulcers. So it's not that bad of a med. :) Gax-x is good because it takes like a mint. (the chewable kind)... :)

Keely said...

tastes like a mint.

PTC said...

Poor you! I hope that something works for you and you can feel better.

I Hate to Weight said...

been there. i have lots of stomach issues -- lots of them, indeed.

i do take prilosec when my ulcer rears it's angry head. i do need daily help at the loo. i am FREQUENTLY nauseous.

by the way, trazedone makes me nauseous. maybe when you're on less, you'll feel a little better. works for me. hope it works for you.

all this used to rule my life. somehow, after a while, i got used to it. it all's second nature now. and i can get on with life. i bet you'll get used to it too!

good luck!!!!! said...

Oh my this sounds so hard! I commend you for being responsible and figuring out which meds you need to take when. I hope this combination of meds makes you feel better!

I Hate to Weight said...

i didn't mean to over-exaggerate. my ulcer doesn't flair up often these days. i live with my stomach issues. remember i purged for nearly thirty years. YOU will be in much, much better shape once you're eating more regularly.

i was trying to say it gets easier. your meds will work. your system will calm down.

Kara said...

My dad is always telling me that I need to find a hobby - you have given me the idea to tell him that my complicated medication routine is my hobby! Haha!

Stacy said...

AMEN about the 'new hobby' of juggling medications. I'm on soooooo many and some of them are horse pills that I try to swallow and I choke and they all come back up. A-W-E-S-O-M-E!