Monday, October 5, 2009

a rare day

Is this not the cutest thing you have ever seen!? And yes, he likes it. Baby just goes nuts when I take him out. He sniffs everything and hops around and stands up on his hind legs. I also have a cute little carrier for him and we took him to the park the other day. The girls just had a blast!

Yeah, it's a litte undignified. But trust me, he loves it.
I am having a rare day of feeling not only functional but downright competent, so I thought I would document it.
There was no school for Emma today so I decided to take Emma and Annie and Emma's friend Espie to the zoo. I was a little nervous about driving into Des Moines (largest city in Ia, I know big whoop), especially since I have never done this myself. The zoo is on the other side of Des Moines and we have only been there once. Plus, I decided to take the interstate instead of the long way we went before. I just said a little prayer that we would not get lost or the car would not break down and off we went. And we made it, and I didn't get lost or freak out once! Not bad for a girl who used to be too afraid to even drive on the highway!
I got home and cleaned the house and put in a load of laundry. I called my old therapists office and cancelled my appointments. I made some calls to the moms who signed up to help with Emma's class Halloween party. Since I am the room mom, it is my responsibility to plan the party. I had been putting it off but decided to work on it today and found some people to help out and bring snacks and everything. It feels weird to be in charge of something but in this case it is just a 2nd grade class party so I guess I can handle it.
Oh my gosh I just poo-d the biggest poo ever! Another momentous event to record....
Anyways, that's about it for now. Sorry I am behind on commenting on blogs. Things have been a little busy around here but I will try to get caught up.
Peace yo.


Eating Alone said...

Yes that is one of the cutest things that I ever saw. I love the rabbit.

Good job with the travel to the zoo. said...



It's almost funny it's so cute!

WAY TO GO YOU on taking on the responsibility of room mom and planning the party. Don't downplay it! It's a big deal. I think it's such a good thing you're doing it.

brie said...

why does your freaking bunny make me laugh so hard? it's just SO cute!

Stacy said...


Also... isn't it amazing how seemingly 'little' things that we accomplish are so big in our lives??? Just a little food for thought.