Thursday, October 29, 2009

fall fun!

Making caramel apples! The girls had so much fun unwrapping the caramels, stirring the melting caramel, dipping the apples, and of course licking the bowl!
Huge pumpkin at Hy-Vee (grocery store). I put in a guess of 918 lbs. but since I havent heard back I dont think I won.

A culinary delight I call "octopus over seaweed". You should have seen the girl's huge grins and heard the giggles when I called them to lunch!

Me and the girls at the LDS church's trunk'r'treat. If you don't know what that is, basically we line all the cars up in the parking lot. Some trunks are decorated. The kids go from trunk to trunk and get candy. It's a nice warm up for Haloween.

Our jack o' lanterns.

I love being a mom, especially this time of year and straight on through to the Christmas season! I love creating fun memories for my kids! It's kind of like living the best parts of my childhood all over again.
When I am really depressed I try not to let it spoil the holidays. I don't want my kids to have bad memories of feel like they missed out because Mommy was sick. I guess my trick is to pace myself. Pick one thing, like making caramel apples, and think of it as a goal. Like "I'm making caramel apples with the girls tonight, so what can I do today in order to feel good enough to make that happen?". It's like a balancing process.
Yesterday was I didn't do such a good job. We had the trunk or treat in the evening, and I knew it, but still I overscheduled the day and ran myself ragged. Part of it is the methylphenidate, and part of it is this feeling that if I just stay busy, I can outrun the depression. Anyway, by the time we had to leave for the event, I was way stressed out. But I did what I could do to turn it around. I let Chris take the girls around, and I stayed at the trunk to pass out candy. Seeing all the excited little kids in their costumes and wishing them all a happy haloween reminded me that this was a happy event. It was just the therapy I needed! So we all had fun and,last night, that was all that mattered.


PTC said...

Great pics!! YUM on the caramel apples. I want some!!

Keely said...

I love the pictures. You are amazing Lisa. (hug)

Eating Alone said...

Glad you re-centered yourself! Good JOB!

And nice pumpkins, makes me think about carving one myself!

I Hate to Weight said...

your daughters seem like great, happy kids. clearly, you're doing a terrific job.

parenting looks extraordinarily difficult to me. i give you SO much credit.

just wondering - how do you deal with all the halloween candy? it might be hard for me. i never really like being around volumes of food

Alexandra Rising said...

Oh my gosh, all 3 of you are adorable. And I think your genes must be really strong because all three of you have the same face. These pictures are so lovely! I'm so happy that this is a happy time of year for you. Also, the jack-o-lantern with the moon? I LOVE IT!! Awww, smiling :)

lisalisa said...

thanks Alex! The one with the moon was mine. I accidently cut through part of it so it is held together with wood skewers, but you cant really tell.
Hate to Weight, I do NOT do well with all the haloween candy! Already I have binged on it, and its not even officially Haloween yet!