Friday, December 11, 2009

gingerbread house 2009!

Dood, there was so much candy! I think we all made ourselves a little sick :)
Chris in charge of the frosting.

Emma building a snowman out of white gumdrops and frosting.

Finished product (note the Santa on the roof- my idea)!

And the other side.

Doing a gingerbread house with the kids is a great excercise for me to learn to let go of my controlling and perfectionistic habits. I have to remind myself that the finished product doesn't have to look like a picture in a magazine. The point is to have fun and be creative! I have to step back and let the girls do their thing.
We had so much fun! Annie keeps asking when we are going to eat it.
Did I mention that I LOVE CHRISTMAS!?

4 comments: said...

Did I mention I love your family!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s.: you might have let go of your perfectionistic tendencies, but it still looks like it could be in a magazine to me!

Alexandra Rising said...

HA, for real to what Laura said.

I was like, "Oh, Martha Stewart showed up for the party?"

So cute. I havent done anything Christmasy yet. I want to come over!

Keely said...

YAY!!!!!! I love it! You guys are so crafty! :)

lisalisa said...

you guys should see our popcorn string! I was a little anal about that- strict six popcorns to one cranberry ratio!