Wednesday, December 23, 2009

some pictures

This is what happened when I tries to drink hot chocolate straight frrom the thermos while wearing a white coat! I was in the car and had to sit in a puddle of hot chocolate all the way home!
I got it all cleaned out of my coat, though.
This is my Emma. She went to the dentist this morning and had 2 cavities filled! She was so brave and I am very proud of her!
Annie eating a gingerbread cookie. Note the pink icing in her hair. Also note excessive use of decorative gummies on the cookie in the lower left corner of this picture! I think there is cookie under there somewhere! This one was my favorite. Emma made it- note the "angry eyes"

Annie doing a twirl in her pretty Christmas dress....
...and looking sweet by the tree!

And as promised, a picture of my "fireplace". The camera didn't quite capture the flames. In real life it looks more like a flickering fire and less like a firebomb!

If I dont post again, Merry Christmas!


Eating Alone said...

See that's why you shouldn't drink and drive.

I love the angry cookie. You guy's all look great and such a fun time at Christmas. I hope your holidays are great, remember its the people that count not the presents (but they are nice too!)

Alexandra Rising said...

Such darling little girls! So much Christmas festiveness! Looks lovely :) said...

1. CUTE COAT!!!!! (you always talk about your stomach, and, just so you know, I see no stomach that you speak of!)

2. the fire place is HILARIOUS!!!! lol

3. your family and household really look so sweet, and I wish I was your kid :)

4. Love angry cookie. Classic!