Wednesday, December 30, 2009

a new day...

I am feeling a little better today. Haven't puked yet so we'll see how things go. I am sticking to mostly safe foods and while that is not ideal for the long term it is helping for now.

I saw Dr. Sean today. Here are the highlights:

1. He is NOT taking me off the seroquel, yet. He said " I'll make you a deal. See you in a month and if you are still doing well I'll start taking you off the seroquel.". Hey- isn't that the deal he made me last month? Anyways.

2. I have gained 2 more pounds.

3. I am NOT a candidate for weight-loss medication. Yes, I asked him.

4. I got more Xanax for my upcoming dental appointments. Specifically, I have a prescription for A SINGLE MG DOSE, with 4 refills, so I never have more than one pill on hand at once. The good doctor knows me well.

5. had my potassium checked. Don't know the results yet.

6. Dr. S. wore a really dorky sweater today. It was semi-endearing.

In other news, we brought my 8 year old niece home from waterloo for an extended sleepover. We are going back to waterloo tomorrow to take Emma to her dad's house. Haveing twp eight year old girls in the house has been kind of crazy, but fun. I am going to take the girls to "fantastic Mr fox" tonight. We went sledding today and that was kind of fun, but cold.

Well that is about it. thank you everyone for your support, i was really touched that you care. i am doing my best to take care of myself and hopefully can turn things around soon

Love <3


Eating Alone said...

I'm waiting for the potassium results. You did tell him you were purging so often right?

Jenn said...

I am sorry things are so difficult for you at the moment. I don't really know what to say that wouldn't make me feel like a complete hypocrite (as I am struggling so much too) but I just want you to know that I appreciate all the comments you have sent my way through my blog and if I could ever return that in any way - I totally would!!

I know we don't know each other, but we are connected through the power of this disease and our recovery - we understand each other. Just keep fighting and keep doing the best you can!

I gotta run, but you are in my thoughts and prayers!!

Take care,

Ending the Deception said...

I've read your last couple entries and havent commented yet, so I am just going to say, I really feel what you are going through. I hate the complete madness of feeling out of control and frustrated, and the feeling of things will never change. But they will, they are. That's just it, we cant wait for things to change, we need to change them with every thought and action, and over time we will see our desired results, its only waiting that is tourture, because progress can be hard to see when we want things the way we want them now. I so need to work on this, self sabotage is only a quick fix that seems logical at the time.

I dunno if my comment makes any sense, Im having problems articulating things lately lol.

Much love to you! said...

Excellent Job today! I'm glad you had a dr. appointment that went well.


tania said...

ill check this as "good day" :)
glad ur apptmnt went great lisa, i know how they can be a pain in our behinds sometimes.. a new day is a new oportunity enjoy today!

Zena said...

I knew you could do it!!! Glad you ad doc apts. today yes they are a bitch but a necasary evil...okay sweetie pie...I wish i had more time to comment but as you know I am dodging inbetween sick stuff...okay new possibilitys I have total faith in you as do SOOOOO many others...have some faith in your self... remember all you need is the faith of a mustard seed...leave the rest up to him!

so much love to are always in my thoughts and prayers.

Love always.

lisalisa said...

thank you so much all for your kind words and support! I made it through the day yesterday with no purging! Yay!
I still havent heard from the doc about my potassium but he said he would call if it was low so i guess no news is good news.
I am trying to take things one day, one bite at a time. I know I can do this. It is just hard. said...

Great Job Lisa!

Angela said...

I'm sorry you're having such a rough time. I want to wish you a Happy New Year and hopefully, 2010 will be better.


Alexandra Rising said...

How did you like Fantastic Mr Fox?!