Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy new year WOOT!

I am feeling really great today! I have not purged since tuesday!!!!! I am in Waterloo and we went to a New Year get together last night and there was SO MUCH FOOD! Usually at an event like that I hold out as long as I can, and then give in and overeat and then sneak off and throw up (except everyone knows what I am doing since they all see me stuffing my face). Last night I was determined to be successful! My strategy at first was to just stick to safe foods. I brought a veggie and lowfat dip tray so there would be somthing I could eat. So I munched on veggies for awhile, but eventually I really wanted to try these three different bean dishes that looked pretty good. So I just had a few spoonfulls of each. Then I started to feel panicky, like I was going to overeat, so I just removed myself from the food and went to hang out in a different part of the house. I got caught up in conversation with friends and family and a miraculous thing happened! I forgot about the food in the other room! Amazing!
I barely made it up until midnight and am now exhausted and ready to go home.
Oh, yes, the doctor's office called me and my potassium is ok. So that is good.
I have a few new year's resolutions:

Drink less pop. Don't know yet how to quantify that. Just "less".

Drink "more" water.

Stop purging (this one is always on the list).

Lose some of the weight I have gained since taking Seroquel (sorry- just being honest).

Be kinder to myself.

Be a good friend.

Have fun!

Ok I had better be done there so I dont get overwhelmed. I can think of about a million areas in my life where I need improvement.

One last thing- sorry I have fallen behind on everyone's blogs. I am out of town and things have been a little hectic. But I have been thinking about you all, old friends, and newcomers to my blog, and look forward to getting back in touch. Also, the support you have given me the last couple of days has been really great. Love you all!


Katilexis said...

I'm extremely proud :D
you kicked bulimia in the face real good.
i hope this year is a good one for you, i believe you have what it takes to be happy.
love katie.

Angela said...

Good going! Here's to 2010 being ED-free!!!

Tasty Health Food said...

I think being ED free is on all of our resolution lists! :)

Ending the Deception said...

Wow that is such awesome news, and really helps to reinforce the same safe behaviors. About the pop- I've been off pop for a few years, and water is a hard thing to get used to. But I personally like sparkling flavored waters. No cals, and you get the bubbly taste.


Alexandra Rising said...

Congrats on being Purge Free since Tuesday! That's a great step, especially after the struggles you expressed you were going through around Christmas.
Also, high five for a successful, purge-free New Year's!!
Go Lisa!

I Hate to Weight said...

YAY, YOU! isn't it such a relief to get through each day purge-free? (yet so frustrating that it takes soooooo much work). it gets a lot easier for me after all these pesky holidays. i know you like them, lisa, but i'm such a summer girl.

may this new year bring you all that's peaceful and beautiful and healthy.

"talk" to you soon.

Cammy said...

Happy 2010! I am glad that you had a good day, and that you're looking forward to moving in a positive direction this year. You deserve nothing less than the best, never forget that.

Take care,

Zena said...



May this be the year you kick EDs ass out once and for all...but remember its small steps so dont overwhelm yourself...just put one foot in front of the other and keep moving foward!

Love Tara