Wednesday, January 20, 2010

ice storm

so, we had a wicked ice storm in the night and Emma's school was cancelled for today. Chris still had to go to class today though (stupid). Also, my doctor's office called this morning and cancelled my appt because Dr. Sean is sick. They asked if I wanted to come in and see someone else but I said no. I have an appt with Dr. S. next week and my chest is feeling a bit better so i think I am ok. Also, I called the ask a nurse hotline last night because it was feeling pretty bad and the nurse said from what I was describing it sounded like a gallbladder attack. So I looked gallbladder stuff up online and it kind of looks like that is what it was. I thought only old people had problems with their gallbladders! So if any of you have had experience with this I would be interested to hear about it.

So here is my moment of ED stupidity for the day:

I was feeling some anxiety about lunch, plus I really wanted a lemon bar, so I decided to eat the lemon bar and then purge everything. This despite the whole chest pain/throwing up blood thing. In fact, ED convinced me that it would actually be a good thing if I threw up! That way, I could kind of "check out" if i was still bleeding. Ok, have you ever heard anything more ridiculous? But I totally bought it so I grabbed my pampered chef pie server and started trying to pry a lemon bar out of the pan. I was shoving the point of the pie server into the bars with such force that it slipped loose and totally gashed my thumb, which hurt like crazy. After hopping around the kitchen and dropping the S-bomb a few times I checked out my thumb and it did not look good. But dood, I am home alone with the girls and the van is totally iced over and i have no idea how I will make it to the urgent care for stitches. So in the end, I have decided to tape it up with some butterfly tape I found in our first aid kit and hope for the best.

I did not pursue the lemon bar (or the purge) any further. I took the whole thing as a SIGN that i am not supposed to purge today and I had better straighten up and fly right otherwise more crappy things are going to happen to me.

Later I did de-ice the van and try to take the girls to Wal-mart, only to get stuck in the parking lot. Fortunately my neighbors were kind enough to push me back into my parking spot. So I guess I am stuck here for today. AND it is Chris' long day at school.

The walls are totally starting to close in. Oh well, at least I still have my laptop and my sense of humor.


Lost in Obsession said...

Wow, what a day huh? :) I hope your thumb is ok. My dad had a run in with a knife and a cucumber and needless to say the cucumber won.

As far as the gallbladder thing, I don't know about the blood thing but I am familiar with the pain in the chest/back and it being hard to breath. it is a tight pain under your ribs that is stabbing and it radiates to your upper back on the right side. Could be gall stones or an over production of bile.

With that said, I had mine removed and feel 100% better. At the time of my attacks I preggers and about 250lbs. After I had my son I had a massive attack that landed me in the ER. Hope this helps.

Katilexis said...

hehe, the last bit made me laugh.

i'm glad you had that 'sign', i like it when that happens, it helps you keep perspective and on the right track.

hope you're feeling okay

Lou Lou said...

Isn't it bizarre what the "committee meeting" (ED in our mind) can decide? Mine has told me some fairly outrageous lies in the past as well! it sounds like you have had one heck of a day. you should chuck on a video for the kiddiwinks and treat yourself to a nice long bath with candles and some yummy tunes! Im so glad the oven gave you a sign! But I hope your thumb heals quickly, owch!

ghost girl said...

oh lord yes a sense of humor is a WONDERFUl thing to have!! Ok - here is my gallbladder story -
I had my gallbladder removed when i was 27. The trouble all started when I was 16, a couple years after the ED moved in. I had severe chest/stomach pain it was like heartburn and acid reflux but it hurt all the way THROUGH me. They did a xray thing thing and said i had "SLUDGE" in my gallbladder. I continued having trouble off and on for another decade. After two unbearable attacks (thought i might DIE, really) I saw a new doctor and had some tests done. I did not have gallstones, but my gallbladder was, like, BARELY working. Since it is basically a sack that pumps acid into your stomach when you eat, you can live without it. Without it, the the acid just slowly runs into my stomach all the time instead of being gushed in whenever i eat. Typically gallbladder disease effects people who eat a lot of fried or fatty foods but really it can happen to anyone. Me and my parents both thought my gallbladder disease was related to my ED but the surgeon blew it off. I have read several ED blogs where the person had trouble with their gallbladder and i always wondered if there is a bigger connection there than is reported. After the surgery, I had to adjust. It is not a horrible surgery, but since it affects how your stomach/hunger/eating feels, it is a bigger deal for a person with an ED than most people realize. Or that is my personal experience....Your doctors may be much more helpful than mine since they are familiar with your ED. BTW i am scared sick of needles and stuff and even though the medical procedures where certainly not FUN they weren't unbearable. Hope everything goes okay, hang in there and keep up the fight!
• sorry if you knew some of that already i was just reporting what i learned :)

BlakeFawc said...

faith will move mountains. ....................................................

I Hate to Weight said...

how is your thumb??? i hope it healed well. finger pain is awful. owwwwwwww.

you know, i realized i didn't actually know what a gallbladder was until this post. hope you can see the doctor soon.

yes, purging up a lemon bar probably isn't the right way to see if your gallbladder is still bleeding. where did our EDs get their dubious educations?

lisa, you have a lot going on. i hope you're praying, meditating, sleeping and giving yourself some breaks. this isn't easy, and you're working very hard.

thank goodness, indeed, for laptops!

hope you can post soon.